Effective Options to Recover Deleted Emails from IncrediMail

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December 11, 2012

IncreadiMail is one of the free email clients that facilitate viewing of emails of any web-based mail account. This efficient email client offers multimedia features that let you add animations, emoticons, colorful backgrounds, special fonts, etc to your emails and get out from traditionally typed white and black messages. You can also create e-cards with IncrediMail email client and include spoken messages in your emails as well. Moreover, this advanced email client supports various email service providers such as Yahoo, Gmail, and Hotmail.

Despite the benefits provided by this email client many times users come across situations in which, they accidentally delete an email or a folder of emails from it. Deletion of an email can cause severe problems, if that email was containing some crucial financial or work related data. However, below mentioned are some options that you can try to recover your deleted emails:

  • Option 1: Recovery from ‘Drafts’ folder: If you have accidentally deleted an email while writing it, then this mail can be in the ‘Drafts’ folder of your IncrediMail mailbox. Go to the ‘Drafts’ folder of your IncrediMail account to check whether the deleted email is saved there or not. If yes, then select that message from there and restart writing.

  • Option 2: Recovery from ‘Trash’ folder: Accidental deletion of an email message from Inbox, Sent Items, etc sends it to the ‘Trash’ folder of your IncrediMail account for some time before they get deleted completely from system. If you find your deleted email in the ‘Trash’ folder, then highlight that email there, and click ‘Move to’ button option to recover the message to its original folder such as Inbox, Outbox, Sent Items, or any other.

  • Option 3: Recovery through ‘Mail Recovery’ Software: However, if none of the above mentioned options able to recover your deleted email(s), then use of a professional IncrediMail email recovery can do the needful. That means you neither find your deleted email in the ‘Drafts’ folder of your IncrediMail mailbox nor in the ‘Trash’, then use of an efficient email recovery software is suggested. However, it is strictly prohibited to use any data recovery tool to recover deleted or lost emails as they generally do not work in recovering deleted emails.

Reliable IncrediMail recovery program efficiently recovers deleted emails and their attachments. Efficient tools of this category recover emails that are lost due to accidental deletion, virus attack, malware infection, malfunction of an application, and any other hardware and software reasons. You can perform simultaneous recovery of multiple emails through a robust tool. This feature reduces significant amount of time as users need not to run the entire recovery process for every single deleted email.

Most of the efficient tools provide the free demo version of their software by which, you can get the gist of the working and features of that tool. However, the demo version of the tool provides the preview of all recoverable emails and to recover these emails actually and save them at your desired location, you have to purchase the license of the software that bears a reasonable cost.

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  • Van Bland

    If you deleted the mail messages when you un-installed Incredimail the only hope of getting them back is with data recovery software or service. Remember that the more you use the hard drive, the more likely that deleted files will be overwritten. So go the check out the FREE trail version demo in which user can get all data recover in free: http://www.filesrepairtool.com/incredimail-recovery.html

  • Abigaeel Abigaeel

    IncrediMail is a professional and effective utility that allows you to recover and restore lost incredimail emails. Read more information and free download click here http://incredimailrecoverytool.blogspot.com