Remote monitoring and control of the UPS

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April 25, 2012

Enterprises have never been as dependent on uninterrupted supply of energy as nowadays and at the same time have never been supported better than by a modern day UPS. No matter if it is a simple and transportable uninterrupted power supply or a robust parallel-networked UPS supported by generators and other power sources, with the help of UPS every imaginable energy failure problem can be conquered.
But of course the functionality is worthless without the proper supervision. We can say that today UPS is a superior battery backup system, which is able to deliver a variety of alarm warnings and real-time supervising details at your home level, network level but also as well on remote locations. Nevertheless all these options are useless if they are not properly controlled. An unheard security alarm is not an alarm at all, and failing at acting on the right time can decrease your network strength and maybe even make your system useless.

The advancement of html language and similar techniques within the software program industry has allowed modern UPS producers to incorporate advanced remote monitoring and control of an individual UPS using their equipment. Along with notifying network administrators to impending issues as they occur, integration of remote monitoring control into active UPS gives companies useful on time caution of approaching energy failures and other equipment problems which definitely boosts the up-time of your systems. Also these software applications are important for the entire reliability platform of any remote monitoring product. They can be even personalized for every company’s specific demand and that can be very essential for the efficiency and the life cycle of every UPS.

The majority of UPS-s can be purchased with application for remote monitoring and control which is good because in that case you don’t need to find any searching the Internet or similar. Along with handling energy shortage, a number of UPS will control the electricity supply to avoid destruction from electricity troubles or voltage variations. You can also track the UPS load and battery charge in addition to exclusive remote monitoring and individual control that allows remote authorization of UPS activities and functioning boundaries to assist in detecting alerts and errors. When directed to take action, remote monitoring and control of an individual UPS can also remotely carry out programmed and scheduled shutdown of your devices which guarantees equipment safety while liberating employees for other duties in the course of power outage period.

You will also find a lot of economic advantages related to this option and control of an individual UPS – one of them is that by supervising and utilizing results remotely, users can frequently prevent the expense of sending over a power expert to analyze every trivial event – a perfect alternative for inexpensive hosting companies and IT businesses. But of course we should always bear in mind that particularly replaceable parts including capacitors, fans and batteries must be remotely examined, analyzed and substituted in proper period if UPS system needs to be conducted dependably along with power generators.

To conclude this topic we can say that just like with all the other areas of UPS management and its integration with innovative and modern devices – one of the main factors should be a trustworthy UPS dealer with high quality products because at the end only properly installed and utilized devices and related applications can certainly make the distinction between power problems nightmares and supreme satisfaction for all UPS users.

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