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Resolution for “Scanpst.exe fails with Fatal Error: 80040818.” Error that States the failure of Inbox Repair Tool

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March 18, 2013

PST files are the most critical resources and major component of MS Outlook. Let’s describe the importance of PST files first before explaining its different aspects.

The most widely used email application MS Outlook is the heart of information exchange in enterprises. Microsoft has developed a slew of email applications though, yet MS Outlook has left its marks. Needless to mention, everyone is aware of ‘what is does’, however, understanding ‘how does it do’ is even more interesting. MS Outlook stores all its data, such as email messages, attachments, contacts etc., in PST files that reside on local computer offering easy accessibility to users.

However, it might be a situation that prevents users to access MS Outlook and its data. In such cases, PST file facilitates user to gain access to the data. Now, it is wise to consider a scenario demonstrating a corruption in PST file itself. Such situation requires complete repair of PST files that can be done using a built-in utility ‘Inbox Repair’ tool (scanpst.exe) offered by MS Outlook.

You might be wondering to know that the repairing tool scanpst.exe may also encounter corruption and the following error crops up:

Scanpst.exe fails with Fatal Error: 80040818.”

Consequently, you fail to repair and recover PST file using the tool.

Root Cause of the Error:

There could be any of the below given causes leading to the error:

  • You have brought the file from earlier or older MS Outlook version and there is a conflict in different file formats. (If you move a file from Outlook 2002 to Outlook 2007, the problem will occur because Outlook 2002 uses ANSI format for .pst file and Outlook 2007 uses UNICODE format.)

  • File size limit is one of the major causes. If PST file goes beyond 2 GB size, the error will occur


To fix the error, you need to decrease the items in PST file to reduce its size. Secondly, you need to remove extraneous emails, attachments, and other items that don’t have to be used in future.

However, the given resolutions might not resolve the issue sometimes. It is highly recommended to opt for a stellar phoenix pst recovery software program heavily available in the market. These applications are the result of thorough research and analysis hence perform the task successfully in no time. Moreover, you can get the software online, but you need to look for a trusted manufacturer.

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  • Azus Smith

    also used stellar phoenix pst recovery software for removing error 80040818.