Simplifying the Web Design Process

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August 4, 2012

Do you want to design your website without having to learn all the complicated HTML codes and other tech-jargon? You have probably heard that creating a fully-functional and professional website these days is a piece of cake, but you have to go a step further and ensure that the site conforms to all the principles, both written and unwritten, of modern web design processes. Here are a few things you need to know to make the web design process simple and fast even if you are a newbie in the world of web design.

a) You need to have a web design software to design the website offline or an online on-the-site program that lets you use WYSIWYG design mode. WYSIWYG mode means What You See Is What You Get, an application that lets you develop graphic websites by arranging objects visually. The final website will look just the way you make it look on the design phase.

b) Although creating a website is easy today, you should invest in knowing the basics of HTML, how a website works and the simple principles of making a website friendly and functional. Try to educate yourself a little to know HTML code snippets and how to read an HTML code line especially when debugging and troubleshooting.

c) Research on the best practices of website layout, this is very important. You cannot just place anything anywhere that fits, proper web design codes should center on the end user and give them what they want. The layout should be friendly and should prioritize important content, latest content and anything that will keep the users on the site.

d) You must master internal linking processes, this is what is required to make navigating around the page possible. Linking is a process of placing links on pages and texts to take the visitor to a particular page on the site or to another website. Unless you can link, you will not be able to direct users anywhere, even on your page, easily.

e) Lastly, you should keep your web design simple, this is often overlooked but it is very important. If you look around online, you will see that the most popular websites are very simple, with text and a few pictures and no fancy animations and flash images. Good web design Belfast practices should focus on relevance and simplicity and not just trend and visual appearance although these two have slight impact also.

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