Spending More Time on the Internet Compared to Your TV

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July 28, 2011

A lot of things happen every year, and it is no doubt that the number of people making use of the internet every year keeps on increasing.

The reality is that a lot of households spend countless hours in front of their TV and the average TV user watches the television for 5 hours. In fact, recent stats have shown that over 60% of households in the US watch their TV while at the same time using the internet.

The constant debate has been on whether people should stick to their TVs or whether they should embrace the internet totally and ditch their TV. I really don’t think there is anything bad with watching the TV, but in my own opinion it is better to reduce the time you spend watching the TV and then focus more on using the internet. This article will be explaining why below.

Increased Opportunities for constant Growth

It is very important for you to realize that interaction is essential to us as humans, because it is one of the many things that foster our growth and development. Have you ever wondered why people are sent to school when they can easily stay at home and be reading books? The reason is because the people we interact with determine a lot of things about us.

The thing about spending hours upon hours watching the TV is that your potential of learning and absorbing something new is limited when compared to the internet because you hardly have the opportunity to ask or listen to the contributions of others. The internet has fixed this, and you can easily interact with people both on multimedia sites, news and press sites and on blogs all over the internet.

You Can Watch Your Favorite Channels

Another great thing about the internet and why you need to spend more time online instead of in front of your TV is because you can also watch your favorite channels and TV programs on the internet.

I know that some of us spend a lot of time watching the TV because of one favorite program or the other and also because we’re addicted to this.

You can make things easier and better by watching your favorite TV program and channels online. There are a lot of multimedia sites that make this possible.

The benefit of doing this is that you will be saving a lot on TV costs and you can also watch your favorite channel without being interrupted irrespective of the weather condition. Another great advantage of this is that, aside from your internet connection, you don’t need any external gadget or device to make this possible.

The Ability to Make Money Online By Building a Business at the Comfort of Your Home

There is one term we keep on hearing every day, and that one term determines and influences the existence of every one of us. That term is money.

We need money to achieve a lot of things in life – we also need money to be able to lead a comfortable life but unfortunately, watching TV will hardly add any money to your pocket.

Why not start spending your time online building profitable business ventures? This could be in the form of blogging, affiliate marketing, freelancing and whatever business you can think of.

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