Steve Jobs Named One of the Most Influential Americans of All Time

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August 2, 2012

Dear average American teenage nerd,

If you think you’re screwing your life by sitting down in front of your PC, doing nothing but reading this article about your idol, you’re wrong. You are currently contemplating, researching and mulling about the opportunities and risks that you are willing to make to make your bleak future in software development clearer and cooler. There are so many things that you can get from this article apart from knowing why Time Magazine chose Steve Jobs to be on the list of the 20 Most Influential Americans of All Time—and that’s not just because he decided to sell iPhone.

Who’s With Steve?

Before we move over to the grueling details of Steve Jobs’ genius (which you probably know by now, being the geek that you are) let’s try to look at the other 19 people that were with him on the Time Magazine’s all-star list. Picture this: Steve Jobs is listed with four great presidents of the United States, six most important scientists and inventors, three land explorers, three thought leaders, one amazing musician, one of the greatest boxers in the world and another innovator. It’s a pretty long list with pretty impressive names right?

Oneof the four U.S. Presidents in the list is Thomas Jefferson who not only wrote the Declaration of Independence single-handedly but also founded Virginia College. Oh and another awesome factoid, he was autistic (he had Asperger’s syndrome) and had such a bad stage fright he only had two public speeches during his two presidential terms. Other former presidents who were considered most influential Americans were George Washington, Abraham Lincoln and Franklin D. Roosevelt. The list also included six American inventors who changed the world of science namely: Alexander Graham Bell, Thomas Edison, the Wright brothers, Albert Einstein and James Watson. The list also had thought leaders and freedom fighters which included Sitting Bull (the historical Lakota Sioux chieftain), Margaret Sanger and Martin Luther King Jr. Yes, dear, these are people who would’vewanted to use or sell iPhone 4 with their friend Steve.

Time Magazine also included music icon Louis Armstrong and badass athlete, Cassius Clay (who is more popularly known for being Ali, or Muhammad Ali). This guy who could sell iPhone like it was a piece of candy is also with Henry Ford, another innovator who was also an inventor, by the way. The 20 Most Influential Americans list is a promotional feature for the 100 Most Influential People of All Time book which, yet again, included Steve Jobs too.


The Man Who Sold Apples

Time Magazine described Steve Jobs as the “high priest of the computer age”who gave way to a whole lot of changes and innovations through his contributions to the world of computers and consumer electronics. Aside from making it a habit to sell iPhone in his black turtleneck, blue jeans and cool Keynote speeches, he also founded NeXT and Pixar. He gained the title for being one of the best executives for an electronics company such as Apple by claiming that “his goal was to create products that were ‘insanely great’.”

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  • Nice research and great post. Since he died, he became more popular.