Technology with Customization: Products are Not Always One Size Fits All

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September 21, 2012

Customization. We need plenty of this. Every person is a different size and a different shape, and it’s important to be able to find something that fits the best. The phrase, which is now a bit cliché, “one size fits all” has been around for more than five decades. It’s interesting that although there are plenty of products that can be one-size-fits-all such as oven mitts and scarves, some technologies offer a bit of customization.

What about the technology? Does any technology need customization? I mean a 46-inch television is 46 inches. A 17-inch laptop computer is 17 inches, so what kind of customization can there really be?

Pick an Option

Let’s consider pieces like headphones like the earbud-style ones. They automatically come with at least three different size buds to fit the different kinds of ears. In reality, consumers like myself very much appreciate that option especially considering I comfortably wear two different sizes: the left bigger than the right.

Choose Your Size

There are other ways to customize too. I feel that customers are given the options of different sized products to keep consumers from having to choose from the same lot. An example can be multiple items such as tablets. If you don’t want a large tablet that is almost the size of a notebook, then you could easily get one half the size.

Other products such as televisions and laptops (as talked about earlier) do indeed offer the same product just different sizes. Sure you may be able to get that laptop in a size 17-inch, but I’m sure it’s available is size 14 inches too. Manufacturers such as Apple are continuing to bring new products, and with them, more options. Apple will soon be bringing the mini iPad, and it will truly offer customization in terms of size options.

Color Options

Color is something else that can easily be customized on different products. Different colored cases for smartphones. Different colored cases for laptops. Different colored skins for tablets or other portable devices. Some of these can be fixed permanent, some are gels that are added for protection, others are just to make the products colored the way the consumer wants.

I think…

It’s better to be able to at least have these different options than to just be stuck with the products all one size or color. It may really just depend on the consumer, but I feel the more options, the better.

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