The Changing Role of Today’s Digital Agencies

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November 16, 2012

A digital agency can be defined as a business that delivers services for the creative and technical development and growth of internet based products. Digital agencies perform their business by working out on your business using digital technology. SEO or search engine optimization is one of the most important tasks of any digital agency these days. Getting the clients’ products in a high-ranked popular zone is certainly very desirable. Generating more goodwill and reaching to more and more potential customers are two important tasks that can be done over various social network sites like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter et cetera. Digital agencies are helping in this matter as well.

Most of the traditional digital companies or agencies had a smooth transition to digitalization. The word ‘digital’, as it goes back, referred to anything that had association with the Internet. So, back then, the role played by digital agencies was limited to information exchange over internet. They focused on producing static content. There was only one way knowledge sharing with minimum user interaction. Then later these services were modified in order to involve user queries and suggestions in the form of feedbacks. And within a few short years the digital agencies have established themselves as communication medium. These days they are reinventing themselves by developing new services, exploring new revenue and compensation models and reconfiguring their business models in the new digitally-enabled online environment.
Agencies that provide services of digital medium adhere to the ideology of proper interaction, understanding of consumer value and social networking. It is quite expected from a modern digital agency to perform more than just channeling the content to digital medium. For instance WordPress that was initially released as a simple blogging tool is now widely respected as the largest self-hosted CMS tool in the world. It is used on millions of sites and accessed by tens of millions of people on daily basis.

But today, business owners seeking to expand their blogs or websites are looking forward towards expert content through multiple author environments for their WordPress sites. But they are facing major limitations in managing their multi author WordPress newsroom. These publishers are relying on alternatives such as spreadsheets, emails or IMs to manage their workflow. Some of them are also planning to shift to some other CMS. All they require is a solution that would help them manage their administrative work, bring editorial collaboration and help them focus on producing top notch content.

ContentCloud a WordPress plugin is a highly evolved team and content management SaaS (Software as a Service) solution for WordPress sites. It has an intuitive and user friendly interface. ContentCloud offers a lot of flexibility for creating and defining custom workflows. This results into collaboration and resource sharing between the content teams across multiple sites.

ContentCloud Newsroom dashboard provides a panoramic view of all the content in production with a clear story path describing how an assignment passes from one team member to another. ContentCloud has an Ajaxified interface inspired from Outlook that takes away the need of opening assignments in multiple tabs. Clicking on any assignment makes it visible in the right hand panel.

Another great feature is the seamless integration between ContentCloud and WordPress platform. So as soon as you plugin your WordPress sites, Betaout makes a few default workflows based on the present set of users you have to give you a fast start. This is unlike the other editorial project management systems that I have tried in past which take too long to get used to their system before getting any real work done.

With the increasing demand of WordPress publishers for remote content contributors, it is becoming important to enhance the efficiency of multi author newsrooms for a better and effective collaboration between teams. ContentCloud is becoming the solution of choice for those publishers who seek to automate their online editorial workflow with minimum effort for producing quality content. With such a pace software like ContentCloud is going to become integral to digital publishing process.

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