Using Technology to Deliver Business Training

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September 30, 2012

Emerging technologies give businesses the tools to provide higher quality and more consistent employee training. Various forms of technology can be used to match the type of training that is needed by individual businesses.

Video Conferencing Brings Training to the Business

Before video conferencing, businesses had to pay expensive fees to bring experts to the company for training sessions. The only other option was to take every employee to the expert. This would involve even more travel expense and unavoidable downtime for the company. With video conferencing, an expert can be as close as the nearest Internet connection. A computer with a simple set of speakers will allow employees to be trained without ever leaving the building. The expert only needs to be paid for the cost of the session and not for expensive travel costs.

eBooks and Smartphone Apps Allow for Training at Convenient Times

For those employees that are self-motivated, eBooks and SmartPhone apps can provide the bulk of training that will be needed. These motivated employees can access the training materials at any time when it is most convenient for them. In most cases, the cost is extremely low, requiring only a simple purchase of the training materials. In some instances, the materials may even be free or made by the company, itself.

Learning Management Systems Help Businesses Track Employee Training

When employees might not be as motivated or in cases where it is critical for the business to know whether training was completed or material was mastered, learning management systems might be a better solution. These systems incorporate the content into specialized software, which monitors employees’ progress through the training modules.

With these types of systems, the progress of employee training can be monitored. Employees can be registered for upcoming training sessions. Administrators can view which sessions the employees have already completed and whether they mastered the material that was presented in those training sessions.

These types of systems are also able to accommodate many different types of files or media. Training instructors can include text documents, spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations, podcasts, videos, links to websites and much more. Most of these management systems even allow for quizzes to determine whether the material from the training module has been mastered. Employees can even be required to upload their own content in response to what they have learned. Most management systems include options for collaborative projects with groups of employees.

Content and Assessment Can Be Automated

With the learning system, training instructors can create automated content that is delivered at the correct time for the instruction. They may also created automated quizzes, which are graded immediately. This reduces the amount of time the instructors have to spend with the training. It also provides immediate feedback for the employees.

Let the world of technology carry your business to a new level with consistent and timely employee training.

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