Where to buy the best desktop computers

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June 13, 2012

Desktop computers are being used in every part of the world. In almost every home in a developed country, there is at least one desktop PC being used. Home users usually prefer to have a Desktop PC because of easiness of use and high performance. Laptops, Netbooks and Tablet PCs have invaded most of the consumer electronics industry but desktops are still in demand. A PCworld author has revealed the fact that all-in-one desktop computers will take the place of tower desktop computers in a matter of time. But there will still be demand for desktop computers. There are a number of features that a Desktop computer has but a laptop doesn’t. Laptops cannot compete with the speed, storage and the display performance of desktops. That’s the reason behind the technical people having at least one desktop PC at their home or office.According to the facts, Graphics designers or Game developers usually prefer desktop computers for their tasks and laptops for personal use only. So even in this stage, when the things are becoming smaller and smaller, the need for heavy and faster machines cannot be ignored.

Getting a desktop PC can be a rough task. It may take some reading and survey before you can identify the ideal desktop PC which will suit all of your requirements. First you have to know why are you looking  to get a desktop computer or what operations do you want to perform with a desktop PC. When you have made that decision, you need to figure out a budget for it. If your requirements are high in terms of speed and memory and you have to get a desktop pc with very good processing speed and a huge virtual and physical memory, you will probably have to keep more than $1k in your pocket to find the best computer as per your requirements. Otherwise you find computers a little slower in performance compared to the fast heavy machines with a low budget. Now the only hurdle that remains is which website you are going to purchase your desired desktop PC from. There are many options for you in that case. If you are searching for your favorite brand desktop computers, the best place to look in is the brand website and place an order there. If you are yet to choose a brand and a computer you should definitely go to a review website first where you are able to compare different desktop PCs in terms of features and specifications.

I have reviewed three places in this article where you can read and compare different desktop computer belonging to different brands based on features and specifications.

Binary-Store.com:  Binary Store is an online review store for the latest electronic items that are being introduced in the market. Products include Desktop PCs, Laptops, Televisions, Digital cameras, Office supplies and Cell phones. Binary Store has the best reviews for the latest Desktop PCs belonging to Dell mostly. I guess they are very much inspired by Dell. There are a number of Desktop PCs on Binary Store that range from $200 to $1600 depending on their specs. The one thing that I like about Binary Store is that it has complete overviews, features, specifications and demos for all the desktop computers listed there.

TigerDirect.com:  Tiger direct is probably the most famous online store for buying the latest desktop computers online from different brands. Tiger Direct has an very long and descriptive listing of Desktop computers from different brands which include Dell, HP, IBM, Acer, Lenovo, Sony and many more. Tiger direct also gives you the option of choosing your Desktop depending on your needs and budget. It has great filter options that help you finding the right computer for you. Prices of the desktop PCs start from $100 to $2000.

Amazon.com:  Amazon as you probably know is the biggest online store for almost all product lines in the world. When it comes to desktop computers, Amazon is one of the very few online stores that have PCs from all of the manufacturers who manufacture desktop PCs and the best part is, you can purchase both used and new computers of any brand you want. There are also great brand specific and price specific filter options that can help you in selecting the best computer which fulfills your requirements. You can also read detailed reviews from different customers from all over the world on the desktop PCs present at Amazon. Amazon also has great  deals and discounts on many PCs that can save you some bucks as well.

These three online stores can get you your desired PC. The best thing about these web stores is that they have full and accurate information including the features and specifications of all the desktop computers listed. If you are aiming for desktops from a specific brand then you always have the choice of purchasing the desktop from the brand website.

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