Why you need a domain name if you’re trading online

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November 24, 2012

There are many reasons why a domain name is an essential factor of your online presence.

It gets your business noticed

Many of the best known companies in the world have domain names which are just as famous, simply because their name is simple and tells you who they are.  Sounds obvious, but you would be surprised how many new businesses pick an address, which is what a domain name is, which does not give enough relevant or straightforward information about who they are or what they do.

It makes you money

Having the right domain for your business can create trust and credibility, and show customers that you are here to stay, and therefore worth doing business with.  Some companies buy up domain names and sell them on for profit, or set up websites and then make money using the advertising created on PPC, or pay-per-click ads.

There are companies out there making money solely out of reselling domain names and generating adverts for websites.  However if your main requirement is a stable home for your business online, a good domain name can be a significant element of your expansion. Talk to a webhosting company about how a domain name can make you money.  They have domain search features on their website which can assist you to make some great names, and many of them are free.

It’s a confidence builder

There is a certain satisfaction and feeling of confidence that comes with owning a great domain name for your business or personal interest website.  It’s a bit like having a great address on your street, or being on premises that everyone admires.

It’s a big step forward when setting up a business

There are so many issues to deal with when setting up a website, but getting a really apt domain feels like a big jump forward as it says you’ve arrived.  It is worth spending time deciding on the features of your domain name rather than choosing the first option that comes up in your search.

Consider lots of variations on paper and get feedback from others to see which names are most attractive and complement the aims of your company.  Take your time with this important decision and don’t forget to ask for advice from your webhosting company’s customer support, as they have seen thousands of domain names and know which ones are generally the most effective.

They are surprisingly easy to buy

When compared to other setting up issues, buying a domain name is a relatively straightforward process and can be completed as soon as you like.  The fact is that without one, no one is going to find your business on the internet, so put it near the top of your list of priorities. Your webhost will be able to tell you if the name you prefer is available within seconds, and offer suggestions for the closest alternatives if not. Then it’s a case of registering the name, again done very quickly, and then you renew the subscription every year or so, often automatically, if you wish to do so.

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