Wireless security? Do-it-yourself installation

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May 19, 2012

In the high-tech age of the 21st century, we’re definitely not talking about your parent’s home security system! While you might think that advanced security technology makes home security more complicated, the reverse is actually true – protecting your home now is easier than ever. Wireless means that there are no holes to drill and no wires to connect sensors and keypads. Wireless systems are safer for pets and children who could chew through – or get tangled in – wires. Many of today’s wireless systems can also communicate with the central monitoring station (which calls the police or fire department) using not only a landline, but also broadband internet and cellular/GSM technology.

New systems are more reliable because they can’t be easily disabled by a burglar snipping a phone line. Most even run on long-lasting batteries so they keep protecting you even when the power goes out. Do-It Yourself systems are also designed for homeowners and renters to take them when they relocate. The traditional wired systems stay in the home, and new tenants or homeowners are locked into using the existing equipment. It can be prohibitively costly if you move often. Here are a few examples of state-of-the-art security systems that use wireless technology:

LifeShield Wireless Security Systems

LifeShield wireless home security technology includes loud alarms, video surveillance, 24/7 burglary and fire monitoring, and a few other perks. LifeShield systems also come with mobile access which allows users to arm and monitor their home security, as well as view videos, and live feed, from the LifeShield.com website or from free mobile phone apps. LifeShield wireless systems work with standard phone lines, broadband internet access, and even offer a cellular communication option. Perfect for apartments, houses, and small businesses.

Lorex Wireless Video Security Systems

– These video surveillance systems are great for protecting your home with video cameras. Lorex has a variety of systems which can record on DVRs or SD cards, as well as show live video feed on your TV or on a digital picture frame. Lorex makes baby monitors for protecting your children inside your home, and weatherproof motion-detecting outdoor cameras. The Lorex website offers complete Lorex systems, or you can purchase individual cameras and accessories to create your own home security. Perfect for homes and small businesses. Note: Lorex systems do not have alarms or police/fire monitoring.

Skylink Security Systems

– Skylink has unique do-it-yourself wireless security systems with alarms and auto-dialers providing the crime deterrent power. In case of a break-in, a Skylink auto-dialer unit will use the phone line to immediately dial up to 9 different phone numbers and leave a pre-recorded message. Skylink offers a variety of alert systems for garage doors, swing doors, window sensors, water sensors, and also home lighting automation units. You can purchase Skylink through Amazon and other online merchants. Perfect for apartments. Note: Skylink units do not include external police or fire monitoring.

GE Simon XT Wireless Security System

– The GE system is on the pricey side, but offers a combination of features to protect your home. Using wireless technology, this system has standard features such as a keypad, keychain remote, and sensors. The equipment needs to be purchased at the start, but some companies offers burglary and fire monitoring for an added monthly fee. GE offers solid (but not state-of-the-art) home security that will protect you from a break-in or a fire. Perfect for apartments and small houses.

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