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2 companies that are going to change smartphones from the outside

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June 24, 2012

If you think we’ve seen rapid mobile innovation in the past few years, you haven’t seen anything yet. Smartphones and tablets might be faster and more powerful than ever, but the real innovations are yet to come. While the big players such as Apple and Google will certainly play roles, it’s outside companies that will make the big pushes.

Yes, Google and Apple will continue to improve their mobile operating systems for both smartphones and tablets. Microsoft will play a role here as well. HTC, Samsung, and LG, among other manufacturers, will do their parts to create the best possible mobile experience. But there are three companies on the outside that will add even more to the mobile ecosystem.

Prieto Battery

One of the biggest issues in the mobile world today is battery life. Manufacturers and developers have created phones that have more powerful processors and more vibrant displays than ever. They all have components such as accelerometers and GPS units. These new and powerful features are nice, but they drain more battery life than ever before. Soon enough we’ll hit a power ceiling, because current batteries just can’t do the job.

There are a few companies working on battery innovation, but Prieto is taking it to a while new level. By implementing 3D battery technology in a water-based process, Prieto’s battery facilitates faster lithium-ion transfer rates. That means a greater output level than current batteries. By harnessing the power of nanotechnology, the create batteries that can hold a greater charge. To complete the trifecta, they’ve also created batteries that recharge quickly.

With greater battery capacity to work with, manufacturers and developers can continue pushing the envelope of screen display and processor power. Soon enough we’ll see smartphones as powerful as laptops — or maybe even more.


What does a large power company have to do with mobile phones? It might not seem like anything, but in reality ABB has plenty to do with the future of mobile technology. Unlike Prieto, it won’t be on the device end. Instead, it will lie within an enormous part of any telecommunications infrastructure: the data center. ABB’s work with energy efficient data centers could change how they transfer information.

Typically data centers, like any other power-consuming entity, use AC power. Yet the electronics they power, from servers to smartphones, run on DC power. ABB is working to construct DC-powered data centers, which will run more efficiently. That means a greater capacity to handle telecommunications needs. More efficiency at the data center level means data packets get sent faster, which speeds up the process for everyone.

It’s hard to understate the importance of data centers for mobile technology. Manufacturers such as Apple use them to monitor their products. Telecoms such as AT&T and Verizon use them to keep networks running smoothly. Cloud services use them to store and transfer data. More efficiency there means better-working gadgets for all.

The common thread between these two companies is not only that they’re outsiders to the smartphone industry, but that they’re aiming to help multiple industries. Prieto is working not only to create higher capacity smartphone batteries, but also hybrid car batteries. ABB is working not only with data centers, but also with smart grids and SCADA systems. Yet their innovations will both go a long way in the mobile world.

With greater battery capacity and more efficient data centers, component manufacturers such as Qualcomm can continue building faster processors, while companies such as Samsung work on even more vibrant displays. Because of companies such as Prieto and ABB, they’ll have even more capacity to work with, allowing them to continue innovating at a rapid pace.

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