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Accessorise your iPhone with the Latest Apple Gadgets

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August 25, 2012

The new iPhone is one of the most popular smart phones on the market for many good reasons. This is down to a wonderfully designed phone with the latest in technology and features. Once an iPhone is purchased, the world to all the wonderful iPhone accessories is opened. Here, we will explore are a few of the top rated iPhone accessories every iPhone user should have.


There are many different types of iPhone cases from which to choose. One of the most popular cases is the HEX Code Wallet. This case will fit the new iPhone perfectly. The case is made of genuine leather and has a pocket to hold credit cards. It also has a quick-release bed for the phone. The case retails at $49.95 and comes in either brown or black.

Another popular case for the iPhone is the Tribeca Artisan Wood Case. This great iPhone accessory is made of genuine wood that is 100% recycled. The case is slim and lightweight, offering easy access to all the controls and ports of the phone.

Screen Protector

Another great iPhone accessory that is a must have is an anti-glare screen protector. The Moshi iVisor safeguards your iPhone from everyday wear and tear and this means no more scratches or marks. Installation of the protector is simple and there are no air bubbles. The anti-glare protector offers easy touch navigation through the EZ-glide treatment. In addition, the protector can be washed and reapplied numerous times. It comes in both black and white.

Auto Live Tune Cast

The Belkin Tune Cast is compatible with both the iPod and the iPhone. It allows you to control the FM transmission from the screen of the phone or the iPod. In addition, it has clear-scan technology to ensure the best possible sound at all times. There are two preset buttons that are programmable on this device.

External Battery

The Mophie Juice Pack External Batter provides a high output for charging your iPhone. For those who cannot wait for their phone’s battery to charge, this great iPhone accessory offers a wonderful alternative. The connector pivots so viewing is easy and the system is fast and powers the device up quickly using a lithium ion polymer battery that is rechargeable.


One of the top selling set of headphones for the iPhone is the UrbanearsPlattan Plus. These headphones are classic style and offer sensational performance using the latest in technology. For music lovers, this item is a must have, as they allow you to listen to your music anywhere in great quality. They even have a sound plug that allows your friends to plug in and listen to your music at the same time.

These are just a few of the great accessories for your new iPhone. There are many others available as well, all of which that can be obtained for a good price if you look around. These iPhone accessories allow an individual to get the most out of their great device, so visit an store stocking Apple products today.

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