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Apple iPhone – The Era of Technology has Just Begun

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May 16, 2012

If there are 50 kids sitting in a room, guess what 48 of them probably have on their wish list. If you don’t already know so, majority of them most likely are anticipating an Apple iPhone. The extremely popular and hit modern device has filled the hands of millions, but the phone undoubtedly must give half of the credit to its numerous applications. Apps, short for applications, are becoming tremendously popular each and every day and no device is leaving them behind. Almost every phone that you know has some number of apps in it, but no other phone can beat the need for apps than the iPhone. Chad Mureta’s App Empire along with many other app systems are rapidly coming up with the newest types of application software for all mobile users; and the demands are just increasing.

The application software market is soaring day by day and more ordinary app lovers, like Chad Mureta, are taking part of this app gold rush by creating and marketing their own apps. Over 21 billion apps have been downloaded for the Apple and Android devices alone—the reason why the app companies would die without the iPhone and vice versa. The Apple Company’s most popular iPhone, alongside iPad and Macintosh computer systems, have taken full advantage of the rising app company by making the devices consist of nothing at all but apps, apps, and more apps. A new iPhone user would be confused to see that the phone has a large touch screen and no buttons but two home buttons that don’t have any control over the actual using of the phone. Only pages and pages of apps have obviously launched the idea of creating their own market, better known as the App Store.

The App Empire, T3 Apps, and Best Apps, three leading application software serve majorly to Apple systems following Blackberry, Android, and other systems. The App Store is made to be of undeniable convenience to the iPhone users as the user can simply click the App Store app (of course it has its own app) and download thousands of new and old apps which will just be added on to the pages of apps already visible on the phone. Games, entertainment, and types of media are among the most downloaded apps on the iPhone which reversibly increases the app companies’ demands for more and more apps to be created.

Many iPhone apps have been revised and edited several times due to flaws of the previous version of the software. iTunes, the base of all incoming and outgoing media of the iPhone has over ten editions and are counting. Business wise, the previous versions gradually became not sufficient to allow the users to use iTunes and users are required to buy the newest edition making it an undying business tactic. Apple’s iPod is far more renowned than the famous iPhone but the reason that the iPhone has no competition with the world known mp3 player is none other than—yes, the being of an iPod app. The music player on the iPhone is called the iPod and it is a built in application so you can access it the minute you start it.

Camera, clock, photos, calendar, and other common apps are already built in the phone with their own personal app buttons. They are already part of the iPhone the minute its installment is over. But there’s yet another business which benefits from this popular device. The social networking business has also made its part in the Apple iPhone family along with many other mobile companies. Almost all new smart phones now include the Facebook app and Facebook is also taking advantage of the iPhone’s specific need for apps rather than the usual internet browser. Twitter, Myspace, Skype, Formspring and many other social networking companies have taken their part in the iPhone, and many others are also making their move very soon.

‘The iPhone is to App Empire’ is a true statement today because neither could take it any further without one another’s help. Many other phones also include apps but not any other one phone could compete with the single iPhone’s use of apps. Mureta’s App Empire has made it big for those who want to make money from iPhone, you can make your living using iPhone and App Empire.

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  • Great post, thanks  Antonio. That goes without saying that an iPone without apps is just a brick. 🙂 Like Android, Blackberry. You name it. All of them are based on the idea that you’ll make most money by selling apps than actual devices. That’s how the whole thing works.