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Ar The iPod Touch 4th Gen: To Answer Your Question, No, it didn’t need updates

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January 13, 2012

Apple. No, not the red, green or multicolored fruit. Apple the corporation that is worth about $340 billion. To put that in to perspective, Apple is worth as much as the 32 largest eurozone banks, which hold the common European currency of the euro. The bulk of this success is attributed to the innovated technology that has brought consumers like iPods, iPhones and iPads.

We are now on the fifth generation of iPhone, the iPhone 4S; the iPad 2 and, even more recent, the newest addition to the fourth generation iPod Touch. All of the newest members of the Apple family have been given upgrades and technologies, all, save for the iPod Touch.

There has been a debate back and forth in the Apple community about whether or not the iPod Touch should have received updates. Some feel being a new color means it should be a new Touch, while others feels it’s a part of the same generation, so why would it need updates? With an especially large crowd knowing the iPod Touch is already amazing and doesn’t need any updates anyway.

What’s the truth? Yes or No? Should they have or not?

The truth is the iPod Touch is amazing just the way it is.

The newest iPod Touch is still labeled under the category of the fourth generation because of the fact there were minor, minor changes. The changes include the addition of an oleophobic coating for the display and a modified ambient light sensor. Oh, and, it’s white. That’s it.

Some feel waiting from September 8 to October 12 should have given the iPod Touch something new and improved, but a slight reminder, there was a time gap between the black iPhone 4, released in February, and the white, which was released in April. There were no significant updates from the black to the white for those devices either.

So, is that it? Is that the reason why it’s okay that the white iPod Touch didn’t get any updates? No, not at all. The iPod Touch is a remarkable piece of technology that still goes far and beyond the previous third generation. There were MAJOR differences between the third and fourth generations, and the white iPod Touch offers users the updates that changed the Touch models forever.

What were the changes?

Nothing crazy, you know, just a longer battery life of up to 10 hours for audio and 1 hour for video; faster processing for better navigation and use of the Touch; added Retina Display for spectacular images; faster wireless ability for better connectivity; and an even thinner body for sleeker portability. Oh, and how can we forget the added rear AND front camera? The front camera was probably the most talked about feature with the added ability for FaceTime video calls. But, like I said, nothing crazy.

For those bothered that the new iPod Touch didn’t come upgraded and brand-new, think about where the iPod Touch came from and it will be very apparent that no changes were needed. Enjoy the black or enjoy the white. Both are spectacular and will satisfy your gadget need for the latest and greatest.

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