Beating the Smartphone Battery Drain

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March 6, 2012

If you have a smartphone, you’ve probably noticed that your battery life isn’t optimal. This could be because lithium battery technology hasn’t been able to keep up with the quickly advancing world of smartphones, but it has a lot to do with battery draining apps. Here’s a list of apps known to drain your battery and some simple ways to save your battery life.

Email Apps

These are the number one culprits behind smartphone battery drain. Every time your phone checks for email, it’s running down your battery. If you’ve got multiple email accounts on your phone, it only gets worse as your phone is constantly pushing for email updates.

Radio Apps

As these apps ping your network and Wi-Fi to find signals, they’re eating away at the little battery life you already have.

GPS Apps

Similar to radio apps, GPS apps require a constant search on your network for GPS location information.

Game Apps

Many games out there don’t just turn off when you close them—they keep running in the background even after you exit out of them.


There are easy ways to save battery life by just turning off unnecessary apps and adjusting some settings. Here are some simple tips to optimize your smartphone’s battery life:


urn off GPS apps:

When you’re done using them, exit them completely so your phone can stop constantly searching for a network.

To shut down the app completely, double tap the home button to reveal the Multi-Tasking bar, press and hold on an app until the “x” icon appears, and then press the “x” to shut down the app.

Dim your screen:

While most smartphones have a feature that adjusts screen brightness to your surroundings, it’s best to leave it at the lowest setting you can tolerate.

Adjust your screen brightness by going to Settings > Brightness. You should also switch Auto-Brightness to Off.

Keep screen time-out short:

Most smartphones allow you to set how long your phone stays awake after setting it down.

Set this to the lowest amount of time possible by going to Settings > General > Auto-Lock.

Turn off push notifications:

Most apps come equipped with push notifications so you can always know what’s going on.

You can turn off push notifications for specific apps by going to Settings, scrolling down to the app you wish to edit, and selecting Notifications.

Turn off Wi-Fi and BlueTooth:

Wi-Fi and BlueTooth features will constantly search for a signal, so turn them off when you don’t need them. Doing so can save up to a whole hour of battery life.

Turn off Wi-Fi by going to Settings > General > Wi-Fi and switch to Off. Turn BlueTooth off by going to Settings > General > Bluetooth and switching to Off.

Limit multi-tasking:

Exit out of apps when you’re finished using them. Running too many apps in the background will slow down your phone and kill your battery life.

To shut down the app completely, double tap the home button to reveal the Multi-Tasking bar, press and hold on an app until the “x” icon appears, and then press the “x” to shut down the app.

Turn off location settings:

Many apps offer location services so you can find restaurants nearby or tag your photos with location info.

To turn off location settings, go to Settings > Location Services. From there, you can off location settings for any apps that don’t need it.

Smartphone batteries aren’t perfect, but until they improve, these simple adjustments can help you get the most out of your battery life. What tips do you have to preserve your battery life?

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  • apparantly there’s a firmware upgrade for the Nokia Lumia 800 that will multiply battery life by 3.. a step in the right direction ..