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Cancel out surrounding sound with Klipsch’s Mode Headphones

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July 21, 2011

So you’ve gone out and spent all of your hard earned pennies on a new top of the range MP3 player able to hold more music than you will ever own in a life time. You’ve bought a brand new case for it to protect it from bumps and scraps and even invested in a fancy new plug in charger. But, did you buy a new pair of headphones? Yes, of course the ones that come free do the job and look stylish but do they offer the best quality? Are they even comfortable to wear for a long time? Surely if your spending a lot of money on an MP3 player you should also invest in some headphones to ensure you enjoy the warbling highs of Lady Gaga in crystal clear clarity.
If you are flush with cash it might be worth having a look at Klipsch’s new active noise canceling Mode headphones. Noise cancellation does exactly that, cancels noise from around the user. In noisy environments such as public transport or in a busy city users of standard headphones need to turn the volume up to drown out the sounds around them. This can often lead to volumes being turned up to levels that would damage hearing. Active noise cancellation completely muffles these sounds so that the volume level can be kept lower. This is especially useful when trying to listen to a Podcast or audiobook.

Klipsch’s Mode headphones go over the ear, not in, over comfortable leather padding and are also collapsible (making them much easier to use and store when traveling). Further thought has gone into other construction elements, the resin used is the same as used in high-end sunglasses and the cable is cloth wrapped to prevent rustling. They feature a 40mm woofer along with a 15mm tweeter offering an audio range between 20Hz and 20kHz, with an 32ohm impedance and 97.5dB signal to noise ratio. As they are active they do need a battery but you’ll get forty five hours, yes, forty five hours run time out of a single battery. And if the battery should run out mid-session the headphones will continue to work, just without the active sound cancellation.

In comparison your generic ear-bud headphones just don’t stand up, do your ears a favour, throw them in a bin and go and invest in a good quality pair of noise cancellation headphones. Your MP3 player will thank you.

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