Cool Gadgets to Keep Your Home Safe

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September 12, 2012

Home security is important to everyone, no matter where you live. If you are looking to add some security to your home, check out some of these great gadgets. They may be just what you are looking for to keep your home and family safe.
One of the first things people think of when they hear the words ‘home security’ is alarms. These come in many different types ranging from small ones for indoor use, to large, professional alarms for your entire property. Here’s a few of the more interesting ones you may never have considered, but may want to try, and some of their selling points.

Magnetic Window Alarms

These consist of two parts that have a magnetic sensor to detect if a window is opened. An alarm sounds to let you know that it has been opened or attempted to be opened.


  • Can be used on doors, windows, cabinets, etc.
  • You can switch off the alarm if you want to open the window
  • This is great for keeping children in, or out of places they shouldn’t be!

Wedge Stop Door Alarm
These are ideal for hotels, apartments, dorms, or anywhere you stay that someone else may have access to. They work by being placed under the edge of a door. If the door is attempted to be opened, the alarm sounds loudly. The wedge will also jam under the door, preventing it from being opened.


  • Completely portable
  • Great for women travelling alone
  • Can be used under almost any door



Surveillance equipment is not just for super spies! Using these types of gadgets lets you keep an eye on things while you are away.

Motion Detectors with Auto Dialers

These clever motion detectors combine a working telephone with a motion detector and microphone. They work by sensing motion within a certain range, then dialing a preset telephone number and playing audio of any sounds being made. You can listen and determine if it is an intruder or not, and react accordingly.

  • Lets you monitor your home while away
  • No cost associated with contract monitoring

Nanny Cams

These have become extremely popular with parents wanting to keep an eye on their children and sitters, but can be used by anybody wanting to monitor their home.


  • Can be disguised as almost anything
  • Some can stream wirelessly so you are always getting live feed
  • Provides peace of mind for parents

Some other neat items you might want to consider are concealed safes which look like real soda bottles, biometric fingerprint reading gun safes, and even weaponized self-defense hats, which are weighted with steel birdshot so you can use it on an attacker.

Home security has never been more important than it is today. With these great gadgets, it is easier than ever to protect your property, family, and self from harm.

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