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Hazardous Driving Made Simpler with Ultrasonic Proximity Sensors

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July 8, 2012

Blind spots are a problem for all vehicles, small and large. Moving in small spaces is a big problem for larger, commercial vehicles and even smaller vehicles encounter difficulties in heavily congested areas or even rural areas. So how can we ensure that our vehicles are safe from damage as well as protected other road users and pedestrians around us?

Ultrasonic proximity sensors are the easiest and most convenient way to keep your vehicles from being damaged and ensure they are safe on the road. Using sound waves an ultrasonic proximity sensor detects surrounding objects – the high frequency sound waves bounce off surrounding targets and reflect back to detect objects and their proximity. The proximity is calculated when the ultrasonic proximity sensor determines the time it takes for sound waves that are sent out to come back to the device. Sounds complicated, right? Let me give it to you in layman’s terms!

A sound wave is nothing more than an invisible wave. Ultrasonic proximity sensors send out invisible waves, which hit any surrounding objects and bounce back to the device – the sensor then works out how close objects are by how quickly the waves bounce back.

If your vehicle has a sensor then you’ll be warned of any objects (including people) that are close by – this will then protect your vehicle as well as the objects. Many companies swear by ultra proximity sensors as they help vehicles to maneuver in small spaces, such as factories and loading bays. These sensors also work for larger vehicles that find it difficult to detect pedestrians and cyclists. Even smaller vehicles benefit from sensors – if you’ve just forked out for a nice new car how mad would you be if you reversed into an object in your blind spot? Raving mad, no doubt! A sensor can stop this nightmare from occurring.

Some ultrasonic proximity sensors even feature scanning memory that helps to distinguish between real and false object threats. If you want your vehicle to be as safe as it can be then an ultrasonic proximity sensor is a must!

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