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How Do I Convert iTunes to MP3 to Enjoy Them Everywhere?

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July 15, 2012

If you have purchased some song from the iTunes store and now you are not able to play them on a hardware having no support from Apple, you feel more than disappointed. MP3 is considered as standard file, which we can play on almost all hardware. However, it is not a simple task to convert your iTunes music files to MP3 files.

On the other hand, if the music track is in MP3 format, you can play it on any music player, no matter it is computer based or portable. You can also burn your MP3s to CD and they will play just perfectly. However, if you buy songs from the iTunes store, Apple does not provide you in MP3 format. If your computer does not have iTunes software, you will not be able to play them on your system. In this case you have to copy them to the portable music device, if you have purchased it from Apple itself and it has iPod on it. If you don’t have an iPod you will be uncomfortable with this, in this situation, you have to convert iTune music tracks to Mp3.

Converting iTunes to MP3; The Process

The conversion process is easy. You have to right click on the music track in iTune, you will get an option to create version in other formats. Most probably the option will be “convert selection to AAC” or “Create AAC version”. This option is not for you as your iTune track is in AAC format already.

You have to convert your iTune tracks to the MP3 files. If you have iTune 8 or latest version, go to the Edit, then preferences then General and in the end click on Import settings. In case of older versions of iTunes, you have to click on Edit then preferences then importing. The aim of all this activity, in both cases, is to convert the import settings from default settings to the “MP3 Encoder”.

In the end click OK in order to save the settings. After this if you right click on the selected music track, you will get an option to create its MP3 version. Try it, if you have brought your music files from iTunes in the near past, you will be able to convert that to MP3 file successfully.

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