How to Arrange Music on Your Android Phone

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June 25, 2012

Music can be considered man’s best friend. It calms your nerves, soothes the mind, gets you motivated, makes you feel relaxed enough to fall asleep yet at other times pumps you up to snap out of the most tiring phases and keep pushing forward. Different kinds of music thus effects people differently.

However, for music to be able to do all that, it has to be organized in such a manner that you can easily access it whenever you want. Not only access the music player, but also directly get into the type or genre you want to listen to, depending on the mood. However, organizing your music can be bit of a hassle. Traditional music players can only arrange music alphabetically and that can mix up all of your collection. The only way to group specific songs together is to make a number of playlists for all the various occasions, and even then, one cannot fix the order of the music as it still would be in alphabetical form.

Android phones are known for their many qualities. They are the smart phones of the future with features and applications for everything possible. As they are smartphones, they also host a great variety of different music players all of which can be used to play music at its finest quality. However, the greatest quality about having a music player in an Android smartphone is that you can completely customize the way you play your music.

The default app present in all android phones is Google Music. It can automatically integrate your music database to its online servers and automatically fill in the missing information. That can help you arrange you music album wise or differentiate it between artists. The basic options also include sorting music into different genres which can create different playlists of the genres just with the press of a button. You can also create customized playlists in which you can even set the order or sequence of the music to be played.

However, the best part about using android phones is that you can even install other apps such as DoubleTwist which can give you an experience of other user interfaces and also add to the options of what you can do. In fact, one can experiment with different players and interfaces and find one that suits them the most or offers the most suitable options for customizations.

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