How to Customize Your iPad For Travel

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February 18, 2012

Are you constantly on the go and would like to customize your iPad to give you the best travel experience. It has various applications that can help make your tour the best one.  By just adjusting your settings, it is possible to turn your iPad into the best traveling companion. Here are some tips on how to customize your iPad for travel.

Use It As A Laptop

Bringing a laptop to your out-of-town trips or vacation can be a hassle sometimes but a simple tweak to the iPad and you can make it work like a laptop. If you are not at home with typing from your tablet, you can purchase an Apple Wireless Keyboard which is quite portable and does not require docking. For word processors, there is Documents to Go which lets you create and edit documents. A remote terminal app will let you open programs on your laptop from the iPad.

The iPad is configured to support e-mail options such as G-Mail or Microsoft Exchange. Of course, if you are looking for security, use cloud storage as you can access it from anywhere.

Book Flights And Accommodations With iPad Apps

When planning your trip, you do not have to visit a travel agency to make a booking. A free iPad travel app for booking cheap airfares and hotels is Kayak. The site provides a glimpse of the cheapest fares and rates. They may not be the lowest but are the most competitive in the market.

There are several hotel apps for the iPad that is worth checking out for booking accommodations. The Concierge app is user-friendly and provides the user an option to select a hotel and find out the various activities. Are you looking for an app for flight booking?  One of the best apps is the Cathay Pacific app. With this app, you can check in, check the status, or manage your flight. More than that, it offers a comprehensive guide to the city you are going so you can get information about the sights, hotels, restaurants, to name just a few.

The iPad At Work In Your Destination

One of the great things about the iPad is that it has apps that will help you find your way in the city of your destination. For information about subways or transit systems, you can download All Subway HD. The App provides information about metro and light rail systems in the city you are going. For the latest foreign exchange rates, the XE Currency app is a reliable companion.

Photo Sharing & Editing Apps

Travels would never be complete without taking pictures of the various places you have visited. The iPad also offers programs guaranteed to give the best photography experience. With these apps, you can easily transfer your pictures from the iPad to your camera or share them in sites such as Flickr. By purchasing the iPad Camera Connection Kit, you can upload pictures from your tablet using USB or SD card.

For editing your apps, there is the PhotoPad. This allows cropping, scaling, or adding special effects on your pictures. This is a free app that you can match with FlickStackr app that gives you full access to Flickr as well as edit or upload directly from your account. For professional photographers, there is Photogene.

There you have it. These tips will help ensure the best travel experience with your iPad.

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