How to find the Perfect Anti-Spyware for Android

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August 9, 2012

There is a lot of harm that can potentially at any time befall an Android user such as the usual parade of trolls best known as Android spy apps, keystroke loggers, Trojans, bugs, and run of the mill viruses. But finding the perfect antispyware software isn’t as easy as it looks. Since there seems to be a constant threat to Android just clinging to the atmosphere, there are also a large number of options available to fight off these evil doers as well. Some are for free and some require a hefty chunk of money from your wallet. Now instead of settling for a free app and living in blissful ignorance till you find yourself a victim of the spyware game, it is better to know what the market has to offer. Same goes for purchasing super expensive premium anti-keystroke logger software only to have your credentials leaked on another front.

So here are some tips and tricks you can make use of and hence give your Android the best possible anti-spyware software with the least amount of hassle.

Start with a free app. There is just no need for you to get all hyped up and spend your cash on the snazziest anti-spyware you can find. Instead first download free software and start figuring out how it suits your needs. If you feel unsatisfied or still can’t shake the fear of being a Android spyware victim, then get trial versions of paid-for apps. The trials usually last 30 days which is enough to give you a good enough idea of whether it is worth purchasing the app or not.

Use multiple security apps. There is no limit to how many apps you can use for security and protection. After all, a smartphone contains too much of pure personality and individual identity to leave in the hands of single software for protection. Especially since there are more than single threats out there for Android.  Don’t just stick to one in hopes of being saved from the spyware menace.

Test all the free apps. Since there are a decent number of free apps out there for Android, test the waters a bit before deciding on one that you feel suits your situation. If you like the free version of the app, then you can take the premium versions and hence save money by investing in one solid anti-spyware while you continue to experiment or ‘mix and match’ with free apps.

Change your security apps after intervals. Once you get an app, don’t just stick to it like it’s your first love. There are constantly new and better apps hitting the market which you should be trying out. Each individual’s Android usage is different and hence the degree of security and privacy required is different too. Various apps cater to various security needs and you can only find the perfect solution if you keep checking for new arrivals in the market.

Keep an eye out for app updates. It may be possible that the anti-spyware app you’ve been using is the perfect one for you and you just do not feel the need to go out looking for a bigger, better, shinier one. In that case it’s perfectly fine to be loyal but what you do need to do is to keep an eye out for updates. Android spyware is always evolving and the good news is Android anti-spyware apps are constantly updating to catch up too. Whatever app you decide to use must be sending updates, do not just rely on the automatic updates to make your life easier; you need to look into it yourself too. Chances are there may be some changes you don’t like or new features you were unaware of.

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