Interesting facts about the iphone5

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October 3, 2012


Apple recently released their latest mobile device: the iPhone 5. Their new mobile gadget did not take the world by storm, as most people expected it to; until the company’s chief executive explained the upgrades and features they had included and done away with. Its predecessor, the iphone 4, was more enchanting to the apple fans and was appreciated world-wide. However, most people claim that the reason for their laxity was due to the Samsung S3 which has been released days earlier than this gadget. For those who have not set their hands on this gadget, you are assured that you are missing several things.


On the onset sight of the iphone 5, you cannot realize any major changes that have been made to it. But maneuvering your way with the different applications and turning it from side to side, you will realize a lot of changes to the previous versions of the phone, more so the 4S type. The dimensions are obviously greater than the predecessor. Moreover, it is much thinner and weighs less. Its dimensions measure 4.87 x 2.31 x 0.3 inches making it almost a centimeter longer than the earlier version. The 3.5mmm jack has been moved to the bottom side of the phone. This might be due to the reduced micro USB dimensions.


Apple has completely changed the optics of their device giving their clients what most people would call a top-of-the-class optic view. The phone’s camera features an 8-megapixel camera. This is, however, not any surprising news for iphone 4S holders. What will capture their attention is the secondary camera that has been upgraded from the common VGA to a 1.2-megapixel camera that gives users a brighter and better contrasted FaceTime camera moment. Capturing images with the camera is simple. Other options that have been added include a brighter LED flash light.

Operating System

Accompanying the wide arrays of changes is the new operating system: Apple iOS 6. This operating system has made calls a more interesting experience. For example, you can choose which calls you want to answer and those you don’t. Additionally, if you can’t receive your calls, this OS allows you to reply it with a message that you had already preset. The new Do Not disturb option allows you to also set times that your phone can receive text messages and calls from colleagues. These options can be altered by including friends and contacts that can reach you within the Do Not Disturb period.

Power consumption

The iphone 5 is good in power consumption over 3G call. With a 225 hours standby, one would have expected it to beat the previous limits of 300 hours. It still beat the iphone4 S one can still argue out that the first versions of the iphone could not work on the 4G network. Its battery life allows more talk time and use of LTE.

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