iPhone 5 Technology Heats Up Competition

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October 8, 2012

Everyone knows that the iPhone 5 is the newest smart phone offering from Apple. What people may not have known was how great the anticipation would be for this phone. It has quickly surpassed expectations and become the smartphone to own. There are many reasons for this. Thin Is Always In

The one iPhone5 feature that Apple always seems to be good at is advertising that their new products are thinner. It happened with the iPad 2 and now this has become their campaign for the iPhone 5. There is something about thin phones that consumers love. It would not have mattered if the phone had no new features. The fact that the phone is thin was something for the Apple fans to marvel about. It became a big thing that pushed the anticipation envelope as people waited for the iPhone 5 to finally surface.

Maximizing Apple Fan Base Loyalty

What the iPhone technology shows is how great Apple is at maximizing consumer loyalty. The iPhone 5 was supposed to be released much earlier in the year. The technology was tweaked here and there and this caused some delays with the production.

The weird thing about this delay is that the consumers were not mad at all. To the contrary, this only may the anticipation that much greater. It even caused more people to think about the features and speculate to the world what Apple could be doing to make the iPhone 5 better. This was the birth of technology blogs that had people writing about all the new iPhone technology before it was released. Some fans speculated on the possibility of the removable storage. Apple failed to deliver on this customer demand. Fans were still loyal though. Some waited in lines for days just to be the first person with the iPhone 5 in their part of town.

The Camera Just Keeps Getting Better on iPhone

Apple failed to deliver on portable storage, but the company did make some improvements with the megapixels on the camera. It still fails to meet the criteria set for some higher pixel Android phones, but there is a definite improvement from what was originally found with the 1st and 2nd generations of the iPhone.

The camera is something that just gets better with time because the technology is better. It is something that iPhone users have come to expect. It’s a mandatory step up in technology that people look for with new smartphones.

Voice Control on iPhone 5

The technology behind the voice control was also rumored to be better with the iPhone 5. It is true that this is much better than the technology for the iPhone 4S. It is still not as good, however, as the voice control for the Google Nexus phones. It doesn’t seem to matter though because Apple technology for the iPhone 5 has still dominated. The sale of the iPhone 5 made nationwide news coverage. No one can remember the last time that an Android smart phone received this type of worldwide exposure.

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