iPhone 5’s camera gives purple flare on images

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October 2, 2012

If you are an owner of iPhone, you must have played around with it enough to know of all its essential features. The iPhone 5 has a serious camera problem that gives a purple flare to the photographs. Apple had been denying to this fact until recently but a more recent conversation with an Apple agent has led us to believe that the problem is indeed with the device.

Image credit: @WeakSauce12

An employee at Apple support has suggested on holding the camera away from the bright source of light in order to get rid of the purple flare on the images taken with iPhone5.  As reported by Gizmodo, one of their readers was first replied with an answer saying that the purple flare on iPhone5 camera pictures are strange and shouldn’t have happened. Later on, the employee acknowledged to the fact and suggested on holding the camera away from a bright light source.

So Apple is saying that the purple flare is indeed a feature on all iPhone5s and has cautioned on taking photos against a bright light source. What’s your take on it guys?


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