iPod Touch 5G is iPhone 5’s Dead Ringer

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November 1, 2012

iPod touch 5th Generation is iPhone 5 sans the phone services. Generally, this was the public’s reaction when iPod’s latest version was released in the public. At first glance, one can easily mistake iPod touch as iPhone 5. Being related to iPhone, iPod touch might have looked up too much to its big brothers and borrowed noticeable and notable features to attract the market.

However, iPod touch 5th generation deserves to be distinguished amidst being closely associated with iPhone 5. More so, iPod’s latest generation is quite remarkable and improved compared to its predecessors. Here are why:

iPhone 5’s Replica

Lightweight? Check. Ultra thin? Check. Retina Display? Check! Being iPhone 5’s replica is not that bad. Physical wise, iPod touch 5G can be easily claimed as iPhone 5’s twin. Their screen width and display are the same. However, iPod touch set the record being incredibly thin compared to iPhone with 0.24 inch thin. Moreover, its 88 gram weight makes it as light as the air.

In some areas, iPhone 5 proved to be superior. iPod touch 5G has 512 MB RAM and depends on still A5 processor compared to iPhone’s 1 GB RAM and A6 chip processor. This may be customized the need for different users.

iPod Touch 5G, Not Your Ordinary iPod

Even before the arrival of iPod touch 5G in the market, many have already planned to sell used Apple iPod. Why not? iPod’s newest member in the family can be a source of pride. If you are not impressed with its incredible physical features, may be its multicolored casings will attract your eyes.

These physical features are tip of the iceberg, what makes it stand out is its camera that is difficult to match by music players. It is a proud 5 MP in rear and 1.2 in front. It has a sleek earpods that do not easily slip off and are snug in the ears. iFixit tore it down and regarded its durability.

To make it even more camera-like, it has added Loop, a wrist strap. This makes it easier to take shots without worrying it may drop anytime. Apart from this, this is the first iPod touch that supports Siri. Just imagine how fun and easier it will be to have Siri assist you and give you instructions over new restaurants and night out places.

For Your Entertainment

iPod Touch 5G, despite its iPhone 5 like features, is still a music player that bursts with features one could not just ignore. This makes iPod touch 5G the most generous among its family. As an entertainment device, one is already in for a treat with its features. Its 64GB memory storage is quite a bonus given to satiate your craving for videos, music and images.

iPod Touch 5G, is this for you?

iPod Touch’s latest project has put its name in the limelight. Gone are the days when iPod touch is purchased for its excellent gaming quality apart from music streaming purposes. Many have already started selling used Apple iPod touch to make way for the 5G. Overall, iPod touch still rules among the array of music players and with its incredible features, it can be said that it has come back in the game. Indeed. iPod touch is back.

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