Is iPad mini production on the cards for Apple?

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July 15, 2012

Apple is the most admired company in the United States and around the world. The criticism that this company has received has never been a hindrance to its growth and fame. This company caused a revolution in technology by introducing the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. These innovations made several heads turn and these remain a milestone in the relevant fields. It is rumored that Apple is planning to launch a mini iPad. This news has posed a threat to its competitors.Apple’s iPad has gone through three generations, each time having new improvements and advancements. Informants say that Apple is planning the release of a new iPad mini with advanced features and at a low price. It is believed that Apple has designed the mini iPad to compete against Google’s Nexus 7 tablet, Amazon’s Kindle Fire and Microsoft’s Surface tablet. Amazon posed a threat to Apple’s iPad because they offered an iPad that was cheaper than Apple. The table has turned over and it is time for the competitors to get creative. There is a talk in town that Apple’s iPad mini is much thinner than the current one and it has 3G inbuilt. It is believed that Apple has joined hands with LG display and AU Optronics to design the display of the mini iPad. Apple’s mini iPad is expected to be below 8 inches.  Apple has huge competition in terms of tablets with Google, Samsung, Microsoft and Amazon. Will Apple win the war?

Apple has created hype in the market which will remain till the release of iPad mini. Bloomberg and The Wall Street Journal had reported about the new version of the iPad tablet in the past. A new Japanese blog Macotakara has joined hands with them. The blog states that the gadget is going to have a thickness of just 7.2mm. It claims that the device is going to have the height of the Google Nexus 7. The Japanese blog states that production will start by September this year at Foxconn in Brazil. However, Bloomberg states that the screen would be somewhere between seven and eight inches. The recent revolution of the retina display in the iPad will not find a place in the iPad mini. Bloomberg claims that iPad mini would be officially announced by October.

Shaw Wu who is an analyst at Sterne Agee and Leach Inc says that this is going to be a nightmare for the competitors. Tim Cook is silent till date. The official announcement has not been made and the news has caused a stir in the market. I have an instinct that Apple would release the iPad mini and win the market over.

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