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Latest Images of The New iPhone Compared to The iPhone 4S

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August 20, 2012

It’s exciting times at the moment for Apple fans. Apple has a media event scheduled for the 12th September 2012, and we’re 99% certain that they will announce the new iPhone 5 during this event! Not only that, but we expect them to release the device just a few days later on the 21st September – at least in the United States anyway. International release dates will probably happen around October 5th (going by previous iPhone releases and how they were handled).

iPhone 5 imagesAs well as a new iPhone being unveiled at this media event, there are also rumours that an iPad Mini and two new iPod versions will be unveiled too. The iPad Mini rumour in-particular has gained a lot of exposure – Steve Jobs once slated the idea of a small screened iPad type device, so for them to be going in this direction now seems like something Jobs might not of done himself.

iPhone 5pWe have a few pictures of the new iPad Mini alongside the current iPad model, so you can get an idea of the differences between them. These renders are based on the assumption that Apple will keep the same design for its iPad device – which they normally do. Even the iPhone design has only changed twice in 5 years.

Now for the new iPhone – the device you really come to read about. We have a few pictures here of the new iPhone 5 alongside the current iPhone 4S, so you can get a really nice idea of the design changes on the new iPhone.

The new iPhone is around 1.7mm slimmer than the iPhone 4S. It has a larger screen, a smaller dock connector, a relocated headphone jack and of course that beautiful brushed metal back plate.

The official legitimacy of these images is unsure, Apple certainly haven’t confirmed anything themselves. They haven’t even confirmed that a new iPhone is going to be released this year. But, the sources that are providing all this information and leaked parts are trustworthy and reliable sources. So it’s very likely that everything we know so far will turn out to be true.

There’s less than 4 weeks to go now until Apple officially unveil the device, so we don’t have long to go until we find out for sure. Roll on September 12th.

What do you guys think about the new design? Anything else you would of liked to of seen on the device? Leave your comments below.

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