Live Vehicle Tracking with GPS Systems

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May 30, 2012

Global Positioning Systems, better known to you and me as GPS, are becoming increasingly influential in all areas of travel and motoring, with vehicle and fleet owners investing in the devices to keep track of their beloved and essential vehicles. Unfortunately, we live in a world where thieves target cars, vans and motorcycles and attempt to steal them – often from outside our homes. While the majority of modern vehicles have immobilisers and alarms fitted as standard, someone who knows what they’re doing will still manage to take the vehicles if they really want it.

So what a number of developers have done is taken the initial satellite concept associated with navigation systems and created GPS tracking devices, which are being used to locate vehicles when they are lost, stolen or even out on the road as part of a work-related task, such as long-distance driving.

Many freight and haulage businesses are already investing in these tracking devices to find out where their drivers are and when so that they can keep track of things such as delivery times, how long the driver has been at the wheel for and also fuel or mileage calculations, so they can work out how much a run is costing.

A lot of people are also turning to tracking devices to keep tabs on their own vehicles so that in the event of their car, van or motorbike being stolen, they can activate the device, alert the police and it can be tracked down before the thief reaches their destination, making both an arrest and a recovery.

In the majority of cases when a car is reported as lost or stolen, the owner is given an email, text message or phone call and the doors can be locked, the horn sounded or even the engine stopped, making it a truly cost-effective investment for the long-term protection of your beloved car, van or motorbike.

A number of insurance companies have offered what are effectively incentives for buying a GPS tracking system, if the vehicle isn’t already fitted with one, whereby the annual cost of your insurance is reduced if the device is fitted.

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