Make Your Smartphone into A GPS Tracker Device

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March 10, 2012

Turning ones smartphone into a GPS tracking device is not a difficult task. If you have never used GPS applications before, you might not know what they are used for.  GPS tracking apps can be used for various tasks.

Some of the usual reasons why GPS applications are used:

  • Keeping track of your children
  • GEO caching
  • Finding locations when travelling locally or long distance

Smartphone GPS applications can sometimes prove costly, which is why it proves prudent to shop around to recognize the various free GPS applications out on the market.  You can find GPS apps for low end smartphones to the quad core smartphones like the HTC One X.

Below you will find free and easy to use GPS applications that can make your smartphone a GPS tracker:


The AmAze GPS is for iPhones and is a free turn-by-turn voice activated GPS. This application can be viewed in 3D or 2D.  You will find that this free software offers standard features of some of the most expensive GPS applications.

What makes AmAze a delightful GPS software is that the voice feature proves handy while driving.  The free version of the GPS app is not the “full” version, but you will find that you will not need the paid version with the free account proving helpful enough.  To start using AmAze, tap on “keyword” and you will see the information you are seeking.

Free GPS

This application does not come with ruffles and frills, but it works perfect!  Free GPS is one of the simplest GPS tracking applications on the market.  Navigating the program proves easy and straightforward with minimal effort.  Simply click on the tab “Make Current Position New WayPoint”.  It offers the option to enter the WP (WayPoint) in manually, if that is what you prefer.


Automilez is a powerful GPS program if you work for a company that reimburses for mileage while traveling for business.  The application minimizes the hassle of having to manually write down your mileage and storing receipts.  The application interface proves attractive and easy to navigate and understand. Please remember that you must make your free account first before using Automilez.  After creating your account, add in your odometer readings when you start, and click “stop” when you have finished.


GPS-R is ideal for anyone who continually forgets things.  The program offers tracking and reminders, in the geographical area that is locked in on the application.

GPS Logbooks

If you are an airline pilot, a military pilot or a private pilot, this program allows you to share your flight log book with anyone using the GPS logbooks application.  You do not have to be a pilot to use the application.  You can use it while traveling on airplanes.  Simply register your notes on the application. It will continually update your online logbook with updating where you are and when you created the posts.

GPS Tracker

GPS Tracker is a lovely, clean application.  It can prove difficult at times, because you have to register for free codes, but overall, it proves a terrificdevice with GPS tracking.  The program tracks your phone, which comes in handy if you are lost.  The GPS Tracker ensures that you will be found, no matter where you have wandered off to.  Some people think they will never need an application such as this, but it never fails that people will get lost and wished they had GPS Tracker.

The downside to the application is the unexciting interface it contains.  You will find the web tracking features sophisticated, especially if you are an avid hiker or geocacher.  You can accurately update by the second, so anyone following your travels will know exactly where you are on a map.

GPS Logger

GPS logger is THE GPS tracking device for geocachers.  The application can be used to collectdifferent pictures, but you must remember to lock in where the pictures are taken. Various GPS applications provide the same feature, however, GPS Logger, lets you go back into the application and add pictures from other devices such as cameras, etc.


Waze is a favorite GPS tracking application of thousands of smartphone users.  Why is this?  It effectively combines social networking with GPS tracking.  It lets you share the details of your area with Wazer friends.  The greatest part of the application is that you can report heavy traffic areas, and traffic jams.

Waze is a handyprogram that lets you connect with other people using the software.  You can define destinations on a map, and you can chat.  This is an innovative approach to navigating through horrid traffic.


IWant is a GPS program that informs you of everything that is around you, no matter where you are.  If you do not perform various hiking trips, you can still use the software for finding restaurants and gas stations.  You will find that you are provided with the option to buy the full version, but there is no need to perform this task. The free version provides you with everything imaginable for your GPS tracking needs.

As you can see, there are many free GPS applications that can turn your smartphone into a GPS tracking device.  You will soon discover after using these apps that you never want to be without these terrific features ever again.

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