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Nokia Lumia 920 Yellow Version Makes It Way To Stores In UK

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March 18, 2013

In the world of mobile phones, a lot of phones come and go but this time the most awaited mobile phone is Nokia Lumia 920 and that has been the case for some while now. It has some extra ordinary features but the reason behind its popularity is the features. Also another reason is that where other cell phones look great, this one feels great.

This smart phone era is competing high and the best brands are hitting the market. Nokia has come with the Lumia series this time. These windows phones have grabbed the attention of people towards it and have become the part of people’s wish list this year. Some of the best features of Nokia Lumia 920 SIM Free are:

Best camera quality: For most of the youngsters the camera quality is a must. This handset offers the highest plinth of camera features in comparison with any other smart phone. It provides 8.7 MP camera qualities with full HD video recording capability.

Wireless charging: Nowadays the battery charging has become a headache when you are getting late and your cells need to charge, this feature will extinct this problem of many people. Also this feature is completely new in the market and even the most sensational too.

Pure motion HD+: Amazing fact about this cell is that the user can also operate the touch panel even while wearing any material such as glove. Also its blur free scrolling makes this cell stands out in the market unlike any other phone.

Dual band Wi-Fi: this allows the user to connect or configure any file or access the internet 5GHz times faster.

This shows that Nokia has blended its hardware excellence with software of Microsoft to produce a full-fledged consumer oriented cell phone. NFC is also a part of package of Lumia 920, it allows exchanging contact cards by just a tap, and also it supports 3G and 4G networks.

It is a device which is full of power packaged features. Also some other features like kid’s corner, where you can add music, pictures, videos and audios. There is also a function which is available through which you can add color or change color or add background and titles, this seems interesting.

The home screen of this phone measure 4.5 inches, also the text is deep and sharp, even the colors that are displayed on the screen give a rich look. But the most amazing part is it provides 32 GB of storage space. Also you will be able to attach the files and documents you make on this device to Sky Drive. This most amazing handset is available in red, black, grey, white and yellow color.

Moreover, the phone looks stylish and attractive at first glance but it’s quite heavier, still there is no problem in handling it. Another fact about this superb device is that it offers a lot of pre in stalled apps, its super easy set up and superb key board makes it an outstanding phone of the year. Apart from Apple, HTC, LG, Motorola, this Nokia Lumia serious has also potential to stand in the market and this can be seen by looking at the prior booking capacity of this handset.

Where everyone is praising this series of Nokia, some says that the cell is unnecessarily bulky and heavy, overheats and discharges rapidly. Though, Nokia used outstanding technology, some people criticized while some appraised, at the end it was a power pack which attracted a lot of people towards it. Still it’s a high quality device due to its impressive screen and sturdy built. So now the mobile lovers have another choice and this time it’s too hard to make a choice because if you want Nokia’s Lumia series than prior booking is a must option.

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