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Best iPhone Blogging Tools 0

Best iPhone Blogging Tools

Generally, bloggers are considered technologically savvy. Bloggers like trying out new tools, plugins, social media and of course, their smartphones. With their devices they can use their wireless internet to check their Facebook messages and emails. With the wireless internet connection, they can virtually let everyone know where they are, know what people are Tweeting with just one smartphone, which of course goes where they go.

Will HTC’s Nexus Phone Be Better than LG’s Nexus Phone? 0

Will HTC’s Nexus Phone Be Better than LG’s Nexus Phone?

There have been reports floating around the Internet that there will almost certainly be an LG Nexus coming out sometime in November. But we’ve also heard that up to five Nexus devices will be coming out this year as well, from perhaps five different smartphone manufacturers.

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Televisions: 3D Technology Explained

In the hunt for ever more immersive entertainment experiences, the manufacturers have been slowly advancing technology in the direction of 3D. Many televisions are now being marketed as HD and 3D. But what exactly is 3D and can it really make a significant difference to the viewing experience?

Top 4 Ways to Use Your iPad as a Business Tool 0

Top 4 Ways to Use Your iPad as a Business Tool

The iPad has been one of the world’s most popular and impressive devices since its inception a few years back. With a large interface, state-of-the-art operating system, and more intuitive apps than you could shake a stick at, it’s no wonder that Apple’s tablet controls most of that market.

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The Samsung Galaxy Nexus gets New Android Jelly Bean Boost

For the techno savvy people, it is not just a compulsion but more like a passion to get nothing but the best and the latest for their gadgets. Those who are used to having a smart phone which will assist their daily professional self too will want to have the tab not only looking the best but also performing the best.S

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New TV technology by Samsung – is your TV watching you

The latest slim line TV sets are a far cry from their early ancestors, and certainly different from the cathode ray tube monsters of just a few years ago. While they are still recognisable as a TV with a remote control handset, they are more than just a viewing medium. Interactive and intelligent, the lines between computing and watching TV are becoming increasingly blurred. Read on to learn a little more about the future of TV, a future which has already arrived for some.

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5 Matchless Modish Wi-Fi Printers

Inferior printers may be cheaper, but they often give users a headache. So, before buying one, stop to check awhile these top 5 modern printers with Wi-Fi connectivity.

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Experience the New Dell XPS Laptop Series

Dell is one of the highest rated, Silicon Valley American company, making sure that it remains on the top position in the computing market. The company started its business long ago, and is one of the founders of laptops and computer technology. However, the companies likeSony, HP, Apple, Samsung, Toshiba etc. all have been competing in the market since long, Dell laptops and computers are still the very popular computing systems.

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iPhone 5 Technology Heats Up Competition

Everyone knows that the iPhone 5 is the newest smart phone offering from Apple. What people may not have known was how great the anticipation would be for this phone. It has quickly surpassed expectations and become the smartphone to own. There are many reasons for this.