Samsung – Redefining Communication in India

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December 1, 2012

In December 1995, Samsung Electronics tapped into the Indian market and soon became the market leader in Consumer Electronics by providing ace household products like washing machines, refrigerators, televisions, mobile phones and split air conditioners. With the brilliantly engineered products, Samsung soon gained technological leadership in the Indian market. Today, it’s one of the largest mobile phone brands and pioneering company in the smartphone segment in India. 

Over the years, Samsung India has contributed a lot to the Indian economy with its impressive innovations in the world of home appliances, IT and telecom equipment, audio visual devices and more. The advanced technology, innovative designs, user convenience and all-inclusive end products helped this company to get the leading edge in the digital world, especially the telecom industry.

In October 2010,  it became the first company to bring tablets to the Indian consumers by launching the Galaxy Tab 7″. And they continue to lead the market by bringing forth outstanding electronics year after another. Currently, Samsung is the prominent company offering an extensive range of smartphones. The key is state-of-the-art technology, the most sought after operating system and premium design. Apart from these, the prices of Samsung mobiles in India also plays a crucial role in the brand’s success.

The company has won the customers widely and its latest mobile phones are appreciated by users across the country who are finding the handsets reliable, classy and technically advanced. It is also known for next-generation mobile phone technologies such as HSDPA and Mobile WiMAX. In 2011, the company created a brand new category for mobile phones after bringing forth the revolutionary galaxy Note. The device has the largest HD Super AMOLED display as well as great portability and an avante-garde feature called Smart Pen. The galaxy Note was designed to meet the requirements of today’s generation which is mobile, innovative, productive and creative.

In 2011, the company strengthened its positions as well as operations by increasing its investments in mobile manufacturing facility at Noida in UP. The investments brought were well over USD70 million and tripled the capacity in that facility. Over the past few years, the global mobile market share of this company has increased tremendously. And today, Samsung leads the global smartphone market with  32.5% of the worldwide market share by now.

The Samsung R&D centers in the country focus on the requirements of the buyers and help in coming up with localized solutions that further assist in manufacturing products that are customized as per the Indian market. The R&D centers focus on getting the pulse of the buyers so as to conclude mobile phone designs suiting to the likes of different kinds of customers which includes mobile tracker, J2ME App Store, religious apps and more.

Other than intriguing apps and device performances, Samsung mobile prices in India are also a significant factor in helping the brand emerge as the world leader in mobile manufacturing. This second largest mobile brand in India is the major player extending its leads over rivals in the mobile market.

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