Source Reveals iPhone 5 Will Have 4 Inch Screen

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May 26, 2012

It seems as though the rumors surrounding the latest iPhone begin to heat up this time round every year. However, this year the people reporting things such as a larger screen are actually sources within the company itself. The rumors about a bigger 4 inch screen in the latest iPhone 5 said to release later this year have gained strength and some credibility as a source within the company says this is a reality. Even a source of the Wall Street Journal said that the new iPhone will have a 4 inch screen.

New to the screen debate is Reuters with a word from one of their own sources within Apple that confirms the sixth generation iPhone will have a larger screen, saying the screen will measure 4 inches from one side to the other.

So is this actually guaranteed?

According, to the source production of new and larger screens for the iPhone have begun already at the three suppliers located in Japan and Korea. However, the actual production of the phone is said to commence in August with orders being received by at least three manufacturers to start working on it in June.

Now if these rumors are anything to go by we can safely say that the phone will be ready to launch in October as Apple wants to stick to its yearly product cycle. This is true if you look at the launch of the iPhone 4S which arrived during the same month last year.


Will these rumors sink or swim?

There are many people who have reportedly actually emailed Apple asking them for bigger screens. There are some people who think that the screen needs to be at least as large as 5 inches so that the new Retina display can be enjoyed by watching multimedia content, reading magazines, and browsing websites online. However, last year rumor had it that Steve Jobs decided against larger screens and settled for the 3.5 inch display instead saying that people looking for a multimedia experience will buy the iPad.

With a larger screen the obvious price of the new iPhone 5 will go up for sure. The only thing we do not know is how high it can go. Some experts are saying as much as at least $500 for the basic iPhone which if anything means a mega investment if you want a decent serving iPhone, so investing in good mobile insurance will be a good idea for most people.

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