Streamline your set with iDJ live

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July 18, 2011

streamline your set with IDJ liveThink for a moment and spare a thought for the poor DJ’s working before the invention of digital music, having to carry around hundreds of CD’s or records with them to every gig. Oh how things have changed. Now days with an MP3 player you can carry around an entire music collection in your pocket or even carry an entire music collection around on your phone if you wish. Never wanting to miss a trick companies have come up with countless gadgets and gizmos to take advantage of MP3 players. The latest company to do so is Numark with iDJ live.

iDJ live is a plug in mixing desk compatible with Apple’s ‘i’ family (the iPad, iPhone and iPod) and has been created with DJ software company Algoriddim. Simply plug your iPad (or other Apple ‘i’ device, but the iPad does look the best) into the system and you can mix your music library using the turntable interface. The system allows you to mix live, record your mixes, or if you’re lazy (or just want to enjoy the party your DJing at) you can enable the ‘automix’ mode and let the system mix all the music for you.

The iDJ comes with a central mixing console with crossfader and two ‘turntables’ or ‘decks’ (the central console wouldn’t look out of place given away with a ‘DJ Hero’ game). Once you have loaded a track to either deck A or B you can manipulate the music in exactly the same way you would if you were mixing vinyl. The decks allow you to cue up tracks, perform advanced transitions and also allow for scratching. The iDJ also comes with a iPad stand (allowing use of your iPad while performing as well as showing much needed information) and custom headphone/speaker audio cable.

The size and power of the iDJ when linked to an iPad really do make it worth considering if you are amateur or semi professional DJ. Being able to carry your entire music collection, mixer and turntables in one case is a very enticing offer but if you are a professional DJ I wouldn’t throw out your Pioneer CDJs just yet.

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  • Scumper

    This is a great setup for having fun and practicing.  The only issue I have found is that since the iPad powers the iDJ Live set top, it runs the iPad down a little faster on the battery.  In the design, there isn’t a way to power the iPad while it is connected to the iDJ Live.

    But other than that, I think its a lot of fun.