Sublime styling – Samsung’s Series 9 monitors

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March 11, 2012

When it comes to stylish computer monitors Samsung certainly knows their stuff. As with most things in life, everyone has their personal preferences. Samsung have traditionally played it quite safe with the aesthetics of their modern screens, introducing subtle aesthetic touches such as smooth Perspex bezels and stands. They often added a bit of extra zing with various ‘Touch of Color’ styling tints, butstill kept things well within the palette of most consumers. Recently Samsung shook things up a bit with the introduction of a range of monitors with truly head-turning style; the SA950 or ‘Series 9’. These models include the 23” S23A950D and 27” S27A950D varieties which completely redefined consumer expectations of the modern entertainment monitor. The screens themselves are finger thin with lashings of stainless steel and a rather adventurous asymmetrical stand design. The screen surface also breaksaway from the norm by offering a glossy ‘Ultra Clear Panel’ rather than the traditional matte texture.
Samsung Series 9 monitorsSamsung have recently announced another member of their ‘Series 9’ monitors; the SA970 or S27A970. There are clear differences in monitor specification, such as the use of a high resolution professional PLS (Plane to Line Switching) panel on the SA970. And a professional panel needs a smart and refined look; Samsung does not disappoint. Despite the monitor having the more usual central attachment to the stand the visual impact is still very much there. From the front the monitor is as sleek as they come with an edge-to-edge glass front and minimalistic metal stand design.

And from the back the design is just as streamlined, with a beautiful height-adjustable aluminium stand and dark brushed metal casing. The monitor is once again exceptionally thin. As with the SA950 this is achieved through a combination of a slender LED backlight and integration of the electronics into the base. If the current member of Samsung’s ‘Series 9’ monitors are anything to go by then we are in for some truly beautiful products in the future.

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  • Terrox

    That is beautiful. When is it out?

  • Samsung originally stated March but they often have to slip back with release dates for whatever reason. Last year they announced ‘March’ for some of their new models and we didn’t say them until autumn! I wouldn’t like to say but I think May would be a good optimistic estimate.

  •  Latest info suggests June release and they’ve changed the model to the SB970 (S27B970D).