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The Blackberry 9900 “No sound issue” and its fix

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December 1, 2012

The Blackberry 9900 was released as one of the first smartphones with the revolutionary Blackberry 7 OS. Its makers Research In Motion has given us a powerful business phone in a sleeker avatar. The Bold 9900 has a touch screen which makes a world of a difference. The BB 7 OS isn’t much different when compared to the BB OS 6. However the camera is a bit on the weaker side when compared to its competitors. However, the keyboard and the email make it a great phone to have.

Of late, Blackberry Bold users have faced an issue. The phone goes to the silent mode even when it is set to the “Normal” or “Loud” mode. It is not possible to hear the phone ringing and you won’t be able to hear anything while making or receiving calls. Usually, what people do in such a situation is to remove the battery, put it back and then restart the smartphone. This has been seen to solve the issue, but it is a temporary measure only. Some others replaced their units completely. However, this problem is not a general problem. It is more of a software issue than a hardware one. Here is an easy fix to get your sound back.

The solution to the no sound problem is simple. You just got to remove a third party application called “One-Touch Flashlight” and the problem will be solved. Another similar app which can cause the same issue is “Flashlight: 2 for 1” which can be downloaded via App World. The reason for losing all the sound is because these applications activate the video recorder for the LED. The latest version of these apps seems to have fixed these bugs.

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