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The release of the new iPad – is it worth all the fuss?

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March 25, 2012

Anyone with the slightest interest in technology will be aware of Apple’s latest release – the new iPad, or (as some people are calling it) the “iPad 3“. This latest ipad went on sale on Friday 16th March and had thousands of Apple fanatics queuing up outside stores all around the world. Even before this, the tablet had sold out online. Now is therefore a good time to ask: is the new beautiful iPad really worth all this fuss?

iPad 3If Apple’s history is anything to go by, one would have to think that it is. Two years ago Apple released the first iPad and it is no exaggeration to say that it took the world by storm. Then came the second generation and millions of people began wondering where to buy ipad 2 tablets instead. And some experts  are now predicting that the new iPad will outstrip its predecessors in terms of sales and popularity. There are however also those who wonder if this new iPad is really anything new. What does it offer that the 1st and 2nd generation models lacked?

The major amendments include a better camera, a sharper screen and additional features such as voice dictation. It might be argued, though, that not all of these things carry much significance. Take the 5 megapixel iSight camera, for instance. Having a quality camera that allows you to capture wonderful moments is of course a great thing. But how many people buy an iPad for its camera? In all likelihood, not very many. Furthermore, the iPhone already offers users a high-quality camera so prospective iPad owners may not be that impressed by the iPad’s iSight camera.

On the other hand, many users may well appreciate the sharper, crisper images that result from the new “Retina” display. Apple themselves claim that it is “the best display ever on a mobile device.” Whether users agree remains to be seen. Though in all probabilty there will be those who notice and appreciate the difference. After all, this iPad’s display has 3.1 million pixels, which is said to be a million more than a typical HDTV.

In short, there appear to be some impressive features on this new iPad and the chances are that the hordes of Apple fans around the world will not be disappointed. Equally, though, it seems clear that the first and second generation iPad will be more than sufficient for a large number of users, some of whom may not see the point in upgrading to the new version. In addition, it is reported that the iPad 2 will now be sold at a discounted base price of $399. This reduction may in fact encourage a large number of prospective tablet owners to consider the 2nd generation rather than the 3rd.

Whatever the case, one thing is for sure – the iPad is here to stay. Indeed, it seems that right now the iPad is taking over. It will be interesting to see which generation ultimately proves to be the most popular.

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