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The Samsung Galaxy Nexus gets New Android Jelly Bean Boost

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October 12, 2012

For the techno savvy people, it is not just a compulsion but more like a passion to get nothing but the best and the latest for their gadgets. Those who are used to having a smart phone which will assist their daily professional self too will want to have the tab not only looking the best but also performing the best.

The same goes for all those who got themselves the sleek new range of smart phones from Samsung  and for the price tag it will be wrong to blame the people for over expectancy. The release of the latest version of the Android OS the Jelly bean created quite a stir in the market and the super smart phone owners are all looking forward to getting their device updated to the latest OS.

Well the request of their elite customers is more than a request and so they have come up with the jelly bean upgrade for their Samsung galaxy nexus which has become quite famous in the market due to its functionality but still many believe that the device is overpriced. If one gets the OS updated then the phone will get equipped with the Google now services one can have the latest updates of an area which can be anything including games, weather, sports, traffic, current affairs etc. at real time speed.

If one is planning to get the updates on own then one will have to flash the device and it should be brought to your notice that this procedure is not included in the warranty clause so it is highly recommended for you to do your share of research before doing it.

It would be even better to get some professional help rather than tinkering on the device and risking it even more. Getting the jelly bean 4.1.1 OS may be the priority for many but that does not mean that one should break all rules for. Verizon got the updates for the phones on its networks and they seem to be the first network to actually do so.

The improved user interface with the new OS is one of the chief highlights and this makes the use of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus even better and flawless. The speed and the performance of the phone too have tremendously improved and that is why all are waiting to get their smart phone updated to the new OS. Battery life of the phone too has improved with the Jelly bean 4.1.1 OS which is now available on Verizon networks.

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