Three Essential Tips to Personalizing Your iPhone

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July 15, 2012

The iPhone, the reigning king of all smartphones, may be a sleek must-have by sheer virtue of its original design. However, since Apple wants to stand out for itself, without requiring any ‘frosting,’ ‘frills’ or ‘trimmings,’ customization-wise, the iPhone may not be exactly the most user-friendly smartphone one could possibly own. Get the wrong case for it and it will overheat, causing several malfunctions, both in terms of hardware, as well as for the software. Jailbreak it… at your own risk, and suffer losing the warranty provided by the manufacturer, as well as all of your stored data, in case of a breakdown. Finally, try to mod it with something as simple as a personalized ringtone of your favorite song, and waste countless hours, or possibly even money, purchasing songs in formats that turn out to be incompatible. Shouldn’t there be a simpler way to do this? There are, actually, countless ways to modding your iPhone, but here’s where it should all start.

Three Essential Tips to Personalizing Your iPhoneMake the Most of that Camera

As the plethora of photography apps for the iPhone will tell you on a first glance, taking pictures is one of the best things you can do with your mobile Apple device. However, forget about Hipstamatic, Instagram and all their clones. Apps are so two years ago—if you’re remotely serious about photography, you will want to purchase the recently released iPhone Telephoto Lens Kit, complete with a tripod. It amplifies the phone’s built-in lens by 8x, turning the gadget into something close to a DSLR camera with a Sigma 500mm lens. The kit is available for sale online, for just $35. Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it, there are plenty of professional fashion photo shoots and even underwater videos shot with the iPhone, so you never know what heights you can reach with this lens.

Ringtones You Actually Like

The predefined iPhone ringtone is incredibly easy to recognize, and recent statistics have indicated that, together with the trademark white Apple ear-buds, they are the number one way to tip off possible thieves on the specific type of phone you’re carrying. So, then, why do so many iPhone owners choose to keep them? Because, by all accounts, it’s not that easy to upload your own, custom-made ringtone to the iPhone. While most ringtone websites will sell you the tune you want to hear when receiving a call, offers you a basic ten-step tutorial on how to do it for free, as well as a user-friendly conversion tool, also free of charge.

iPhone Case, What Else?

Bejeweled, vintage or even wooden iPhone cases are all fine and dandy, but designers have begun to realize that the smartphone could provide great storage opportunities for those who like to travel light, without carrying much more than their keys and phone with them. As such, you can now purchase a phone case that comes complete with a card holder, just the right size for your credit and ID cards. This little accessory might not seem like much on a first glance, but it’s ideal for a hectic night out on the town, when the last thing you want to do is look after a whole lot of prized possessions, including your wallet.

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