Top Laptop Brands of 2011

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June 22, 2011

Anymore there seems to be dozens upon dozens of laptop brands available, and each brand boasts that it offers the best operating systems of any which can make deciding on the right laptop for you seem impossible. Each brand of laptop offers something different, and although each strives to offer high speeds and tons of memory, certain brands are better for different individuals depending on interests and operating needs.

However, there are a few brands that are exceptionally great regardless of interest, and a few that should be avoided at all costs. Below are a few of our favorite laptop brands on the market:

Regardless of the model, all laptop reviews you can find on the internet will have at least two Apple laptops listed as the best of the best. Whether it be the highly efficient MacBook Pro or the ultra light MacBook Air, Apple offers a great laptop for both the student and the professional. They also tend to avoid getting viruses which is another reason why they are often such a crowd favorite.

Although Lenovo laptops have been a longstanding favorite laptop brand amongst business professionals because of the workhorse nature of their notebooks, their consumer models are beginning to grow in popularity. Many of these laptops come loaded with great software, and they function very quickly thanks to additional memory and high speed processors.

Within the last year, HP has really stepped up its game to provide customers with a better laptop selection the fits both their design and functional needs. Not only do HP laptops, such as the Envy, now come with a new sleek design, but they are now operating with more efficient processors and greater memory space. Within a few years, we could see HP begin to rival Apple if they continue evolving as they recently have.

A few honorable mentions include Dell and Toshiba for being able to offer great and reliable laptops for relatively low costs. There are also a few brands to avoid when shopping for a laptop and those include Gateway/ Acer and Samsung. Although these brands are usually inexpensive, they have a limited amount of features and tend to greatly diminish in function within the first year or two of ownership. As with any major purchase, make sure to heavily review your laptops of interest prior to buying to make sure that you are purchasing the laptop that will best suit your needs and your budget.

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