Track your lost Android phone in a few simple ways

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October 20, 2012

Dependency on one’s cell phone especially when it is an Android device is almost total! Most people use their Droids for banking, shopping and every manner of communication possible, including voice calls. More often than not, therefore, the device becomes a repository of all information pertaining to the individual, including personal, private and confidential stuff. So keeping track of the device becomes hugely important. Unfortunately, even such an important device can go missing. Whether you have lost or misplaced the device or whether it has been pinched by somebody – tracking the phone becomes important. There are two ways to deal with such a loss.

The first approach is, of course, prevention. By doing some simple things like setting up the ‘Contact Owner’ option in your phone you can at least give the person who finds your phone the means of getting in touch with you. Of course, this is assuming that Mr. Good Samaritan finds it! Downloading android phone trackers software like ‘Where’s My Droid’ the minute you get the device is also a good idea. This software will enable you to find the phone with GPS tracking facility. Another option is to use the service provider’s help to track the phone.

The second approach is finding the phone after it has been lost. What happens if you have not had time to do all this? What if your Android device does not have all the software necessary to help activate GPS and you are left wondering about what you should do next? Fortunately, there is a Plan B. Literally! Plan B is a software that is a Lookout application which can be downloaded from the web after the device has been lost. The installation on the phone can take place over the web. Thereafter, you need to access the Android Market Web site and have a Google account as well. Within no time at all, the whereabouts of the phone will show up with the help of Google Maps.

The best part about Plan B is the fact that it does not need the GPS tracking of the phone to be turned on. It can use the nearest cell phone towers to locate the phone too. It will continue to send emails with the phone’s location ever few minutes. On the downside this software will not function if the phone has been divested of its SIM card or has been switched off. Another software called LocateMyDroid is also very useful when it comes to tracking a lost cell phone.

The LocateMyDroid application is extremely simple to  install and use and does not even need you to send text messages to the phone in order to activate the GPS facility. There are paid and free applications that will help you track your lost phone. For instance, Lost Phone is free and Find My Phone is a paid application. Depending on your geographical location, you may like to use one tracking software or the other for Plan B works only in the USA at this moment.

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