What to expect from Apple iPad 3?

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January 31, 2012

With high expectations for the launch of Apple’s iPad 3 going on in the tech world since March 2011 when tech pundits hinted on an early released of Apple iPad 3, the world has shifted its focus towards Apple’s head office in California. With rumors that the iPad 3 may be released as early as September 2011, many Apple loyalists and techies have opined on various pros and cons of such an action by Apple. However the same didn’t happen (to the delight of Apple iPad 2 owners) and the release date was again speculated to February 2012.

As you might have noticed, (if you change your calendar regularly) February is almost here and so maybe (fingers crossed) one of these days some guy from Apple inc. may stand in front of a big screen and utter the whole list of mesmerizing features the Apple iPad 3 has got to offer the world. So in anticipation of the coolest gadget ever, (fingers still crossed) let us check what the Apple iPad 3 is rumored (Believe only what you see!) to have.

Following are some features which many tech pundits have hinted which iPad 3 may come with:

Quad-core processor

The iPad 3 is believed to come with the latest A6 processor which will definitely be an ARM based quad-core processor, going by the trends in the market. Also it is said that the same processor will be supplied by Samsung. (Now was the fight between Apple and Samsung a publicity gimmick?)

Retina display

Samsung with its retina display screen boasting of 200-400 ppi in the pipeline is the undisputed king in the tablet display section. However rumors are there that maybe Apple may use Samsung’s Retina display in its iPad 3. Now there is every reason to believe this rumor, as Apple already uses chips manufactured by Samsung. (Remember the A5 dual core chips in the iPhone 4)

4G compatibility

It is believed that the iPad 3 may support LTE which is a mobile communication standard for 4G services. Cnet.com has even reported that Apple may use Qualcomm 4G LTE Gobi 4000 chip for 4G support. Indeed a good news (or rumor) for Apple fans.

SD card

Many Apple fans were left disappointed when the Apple iPad 2 was released and despite much speculation on the same, there was no SD card slot integrated with it. The same however may be considered with the Apple iPad 3 however the chances are slim as Apple usually doesn’t provide any external memory capabilities and goes with the standard inbuilt memory format of 16GB, 32Gb and 64GB.

Gesture control

Well, with the Siri application in Apple iPhone 4S revolutionizing the way we use smart phones, maybe the Apple iPad will come with some better application with the Apple iPad 3, maybe a gesture controlled application!

More storage

The Apple iPad 3 is expected to deviate from the standard 16/32/64 GB storage capacity format and may include a higher 128 MB storage option.

Carbon fiber enclosure for iPad 3

Kevin Kenney was recently hired by Apple. Now according to the sources, he was a Senior Composites Engineer and his expertise is on carbon fiber. Does it ring any bell? Maybe the new iPad will be made with carbon fiber enclosures. This will definitely help in reducing the weight of the device and at the same time provide sturdiness.

USB port and flash support

Apple fans have always asked for a USB port for connecting various devices directly to the iPad. Also no flash support for viewing sites like youtube has always pestered the iPad users. Hope that the men at Apple have listened to their prayers this time and have included these features in the iPad 3.

With more and more tablets rolling in the market every second, it will be interesting to see how the iPad 3 will be able to continue or over the success of its predecessors. However with the ever increasing number of Apple fans there is not much doubt that the iPad 3 will definitely be the most wanted gadget in the year 2012.

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