What You Can Be Expecting from the iPhone 5

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August 29, 2012

Few things in the world are guaranteed these days, but if one thing is for sure, if Apple has a new product coming out, the whole tech world goes into an uproar. This year isn’t much different with the iPhone 5 scheduled for a release on September 12th. There are many hopes that the release will bring about many distinctive features that the iPhone 4S failed to do after the iPhone 4 release.

So what is going to be so great about the iPhone 5? Is it going to really be that great at all? It’s always hard to tell until is lands in the hands of the millions who have already placed it on order. In fact, many forecasts has said that the release is expected to be Apple’s most successful one just yet.

Here’s what’s going on so far to get you ready for the release:

1.Bigger Screen

Every conversation I have with fellow techies on the iPhone always seems to start or ending with how it will have a bigger screen, so clearly this is the main selling point of the the iPhone 5. The aspect ratio is going to be 16:9, which will let the screen be wider than the 4S from 3.5 to 4 inches. If you value having a higher interactivity option on the phone, then this should make you happy. Doesn’t sound like the overall size of the phone is going to be any different though.

2.Quad-Core Processor

The guys over at E Week reported on this back in July that you’ll be able to expect a quad-core processor in the phone – more specifically Apple’s own A6. This will definitely up the competition against the other guys in the market for the rush. Don’t be surprised on who the main competitor in this whole thing is – Samsung of course! As if the seemingly endless patent infringement hearings between the two companies have caused enough hate already, they A6 will probably be a big finger in the face to Samsung and their Exynos 4 processor – also a quad-core.

3.Ability to Upgrade Camera Lens (?)

This one hasn’t been made completely clear yet, but many sources say that iPhone 5 will feature an ability for users to upgrade the camera lens themselves. According to Fiere Mobile IT, Apple had filed for a patent (wonder when that Samsung hearing will be) in order to have this sort of feature. I guess we’ll see for sure in September.

4.LTE 4G Service

An article in the Korea Times from about two weeks ago said that KT and SK Telecom were talking to one another to offer the long-term evolution service to “Apple’s next handset” – or the iPhone 5. While this will enhance connectivity, the article also pointed out that there will also be enhanced load for the battery to handle.

There are several other features that can be rumored about, but with the release so close, it’ll be easy to find out about soon. Apple just better hope that the new release does not disappoint the same way that 4S did. The phone only comes once a year, so good response will be pertinent.

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