Which Laptop is Best for Me?

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June 15, 2011

Picking a laptop that fits your lifestyle, budget and needs can be difficult with the availability of a multitude of products, styles and options. Changing technology within the laptop and computer industries can make understanding what is available on the market and new features hard to understand. While picking a laptop may require time and energy spent researching and scouring the diverse brands and styles available, understanding your needs and criteria specific to you can help narrow the field and reveal the perfect computer to suit you.

Laptop Budget vs. Prices

One of the most important considerations that should be established prior to shopping for a laptop is the amount of money your want to spend and whether you will finance your purchase. By setting up a budget before looking for a new laptop, you can eliminate quite a few models and brands that may not fit within your expectations. If you have a large budget, you may be able to afford more features or a higher end brand. On the other hand, if you plan on spending a smaller amount of money, you may have to sacrifice some of the features you desire, choosing some of the characteristics that are more or less vital to the uses you have planned for your new or used laptop.


After establishing a budget for your proposed purchase, listing the projected and desired features and characteristics that you desire in a new laptop computer is equally important. Prioritizing what is more and less important can be a great way to help a list of desired feature coincide with a budget. Less important features may end up being eliminated from a list once laptops with budgets that match needs are targeted. Some of the most important criteria for uncovering a list of priorities can be discovered by asking yourself the following questions:

– What will the laptop computer be used for?

– Will the laptop before work related activities or recreation or both?

– What types of features are required for you to complete necessary work or play for which the computer will be used (i.e. flash for games, compatible software, etc.)

– Where will the laptop be used? Does it need to be more portable or will it be used primarily in the home?


The array of brands that are available on the market are often accompanied by specific features, coinciding prices and diverse appeal that may or may not coincide with your desires, budget, needs or style. Studying many of the brands available can help reveal a company that produces products that match your desires and style as well as your price range. Below are some characteristics and well known features that coincide with the various brands:

Apple Within each brand, there are a multitude of styles and types of laptops available, making some of the generalizations regarding offerings just that: generalizations that may be true for most offerings of that brand. Apple’s most popular laptop offering is the MacBook, which comes in a variety of sizes but shares the same operating system that is unique to its brand. The Mac laptop family is a favorite of consumers who are interested in producing, watching and using their laptop for picture and video production, viewing and editing. The Mac family is popular among those within the design, music and videography fields as well as photography. In addition, it has gained notoriety as a very “hip” brand.

HP HP laptops are known for their use of Intel processors, which carries positive connotations in regards to technological advancement as a forerunner in pc processors. Within the family of HP laptops, many consumers may find something for them because of the array of diverse products which appeal to students, business professionals and families alike. While HP may not offer the fancy features that many other companies like Sony or Apple offer, it offers a no-nonsense laptop that fits many of the needs of consumers without some of the fancy extras. In contrast to Apple offerings, HP laptops offer more affordable computers without scrimping on features and appeal.

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