Why are brand new smartphones so cool?

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December 19, 2011

Why is grass green and the sky blue? Why does bread always fall buttered side down? Why do we crave smartphones?

Day by day we see technologies evolve, devices around us getting faster and cheaper, there’s a constant progress in design and efficiency, but nowhere is this progress as stunningly evident as in the mobile phones industry. Not so long ago, there was a time before mobile phones even existed, or were strictly reserved for badly conceived Sci-Fi movie where they appeared next to teleporters and jet packs. None of these movies, however, came even close to predicting just what type of potential this technology actually possessed. However, calling a smart phone just a mobile phone is like calling Harley-Davidson just a motorcycle and Porsche just a car.

So let’s see some of the things that the newest smartphones that you can look for in a regular or online mobile shop offer. First of all, smartphones have become incredibly advanced in the sense that they comprise every possible gadget you could think of in a space of just few square inches. They are cameras, mp3 and video players, notebooks, and organizers, and – I almost forgot – phones in one. They have multi-core processors and huge storage space that can completely reduce your need for a desktop of laptop computer. Their cameras are so advanced that they’ll make you think of completely replacing your point-and-shoot cameras for good. The applications you are able to install on them will help you make through the day, from organizing your work and social life to helping you find your way in unknown places while you travel. And on top of all this, you can find a wide variety of different brands and models from which you can choose and finally find the smartest one which best suits your needs and character.

My absolute favorites among the recent models of smartphones are Motorola Droid Razr (Verizon Wireless), Samsung Galaxy SII (AT&T) and – we can’t help it, we love it – Apple iPhone 4S. What these three amazing models have in common is an attractive, slim, and lightweight design with a beautiful, vibrant display. Motorola Droid Razr is exactly what its name says – powerful Droid smartphone that boasts the super-skinny Razr design and all of the latest smartphone technologies like a dual-core processor and Android 2.3.5 Gingerbread. At Motorola they say that the Droid Razr is the thinnest phone in the world and that could quite possibly be the truth. I say it is also one of the most elegant among the smartphones today.

Samsung Galaxy SII (AT&T) shows best performance ever with a fast processor and an amazing display. In words of people who bought it “it is not perfect, but it is pretty much fantastic”. I say without doubt that you won’t regret if you go for this one. The latest model of those who started it all, Apple iPhone 4S, is perhaps not the king of all mobile phones, but it is royalty to be sure and deserves to be a part of this review. There are not many surprises here, but it seems that Apple doesn’t need them to stay at the top of the game. The best thing about iPhone 4S is the smart(ass) Siri, the new voice assistant that will guide you through your day. It is absolutely the most creative and fun feature that you will most certainly like.

And finally, it pains me to leave you with this notorious fact – whichever of the brand new smartphones you chose to be you next ally in the hectic everyday world, it won’t be soon before long when better and more advanced models arrive. Even if your new smartphone is at the moment the coolest, fastest and most advanced piece of technology on the market, bear in mind that new devices are released everyday. In the near future new features will be added, new design will stun you and new powers of processor, inbuilt memory and camera will put previous to shame. We certainly have no idea what the future has in hold for us, how long will it be before we really get the chance to see phones featuring holographic displays and things that today’s Sci-Fi movies are making crazy guesses about. If we are to be taught by the past – the results often surpass even our wildest imagination.

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