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Why Disk Wiping is Necessary Before Handing over or Selling Your Mac

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July 18, 2012

There are a plethora of stories that narrate the importance of wiping Mac hard disk drives in order to destroy sensitive and critical business information. Most of them are concerned with selling computers or hard drives that may contain your key business data, including bank account information, credit card details, accounting and other financial documents, or highly confidential information related to company’s board of directors. This crucial information should be always protected from going into the hands of illicit or unauthorized people. At the same time, this data should also be destroyed completely when needed. This is typically required when we are trying to get rid of an old Mac machine, upgrading to a new hard drive, or redeploying a Mac system within an organization. This practice of securely obliterating Mac hard drives is known as Mac disk wiping.Today, every organization primarily uses Internet methodologies to run its business. By delving into the world of online businesses, they expose themselves to various risks of data breaches and security threats. Hackers are constantly finding ways to sneak into your system to have access to your personal information. In such a scenario, it is important to wipe hard disks in order to safeguard data from these cyber security threats. Data removed through simple deletion or disk format can be easily retrieved using various sophisticated tools and techniques. Thus, if you need to clear all the traces of sensitive data present on your Mac hard drive, you should possibly go for disk wiping.

Whenever a new file is created on Mac, some memory space is allocated to this file. When this file is deleted, it is moved to the Trash Bin on your Mac. If you empty the Trash folder, you permanently lose access to the file. In the process, the disk space that was allocated to the file is marked as ‘free or available space’ and the data of the file remains intact on the hard drive. This data can be easily recovered until the disk space corresponding to the file is overwritten by new data. There are various applications that are specifically designed to overwrite your disk space for ensuring complete erasure of data beyond the scope of data recovery. These applications use advanced disk wiping or overwriting algorithms. These algorithms differ from each other with the number of passes they undergo to overwrite information. Generally, more number of passes ensures better security.

The professional Mac File Eraser software are adept at wiping entire Mac hard drives in a single step. They employ fast and robust wiping algorithms to completely erase all unwanted data stored on the hard drive. With the help of these tools, you can selectively specific files and folders, Internet browsing data, system traces, recent file histories, or instant messaging data. They also enable you to permanently erase all the portions of free space, thus leaving no chances of deleted data recovery. Moreover, you can also schedule the wiping process to run at a specified date and time using these software.

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