20 Best iPhone iPad Games

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October 14, 2012

The iPhone and the iPad are quickly becoming the most desired mobile devices of serious gamers. The app store has what seems to be a limitless amount of games that are available for download to either the iPhone or the iPad. It is a great way to enjoy some of the games that you love while you are on the go. Below is a list of the 20 best games that are available for download to your iPhone or iPad.

  1. Paper Toss-This game is nothing more than a distraction, or something slightly challenging to waste time. It is even set in an office setting where you are simply throwing wadded up pieces of paper and trying to make it into the trash can.
  2. Plants vs. Zombies– You use adorable cartoon style plants to help ease the hunger of some zombies. You use the obstacles in order to help keep them from reaching you.
  3. Angry Birds, Any Version– You simply use one of the several types of birds to break through the barriers and kill the pig-like characters.
  4. Where’s My Water– You help swampy take a bath by guiding the water through the obstacles and to the shower drain.
  5. Tiny Tower- Build your own little town in a giant skyscraper. Build up a tall building while designating separate levels as a mini business.
  6. Words with Friends- Enjoy this scrabble-like challenger where you can play against friends, random strangers, or even watch a game of your favorite celebrities.
  7. Pac-Man Lite- This is a scaled back version of your favorite arcade game. Help Pac-Man chomp all the dots while avoiding the scary killer ghosts.
  8. Draw Something- Enjoy this Pictionary style game where you receive 3-options for images to draw and can select a friend or a random stranger as an opponent.
  9. SongPop-Always loved music? Test your knowledge with this game. Select a specific category of music and see how quickly you can name that song. Play against friends or random strangers.
  10. Bejeweled Blitz- Link together jewels of the same shape and color in order to clear the screen and advance to the next level.
  11. Where’s My Perry- Help Perry get the water he needs in order to shoot him through the tubes to the next level. Each level is setup with an entire new set of obstacles and some with hidden prizes.
  12. Fruit Ninja- Test your speed and reaction time by slicing and dicing the fruit that appears on your screen.
  13. Zombie Farm- The description is in the name. This is a game where you grow your own cartoonlike zombies.
  14. Temple Run- Try to escape all the ghosts and goblins while avoiding the dangerous obstacles as you run for your life through the temple.
  15. The Simpsons: Tapped Out- This game will allow you to take Springfield and build it the way that you always wanted it. The cool Halloween upgrade will even bring zombies into the mix.
  16. Deer Hunter Reloaded- Downsize the game you have seen in almost ever bar & grill that you have ever visited, and enjoy it on your iPhone. Take all of the great aspects of hunting and enjoy them without all of the mess.
  17. Diner Dash- Help Flo to build her restaurant chain and to keep her customers happy by getting them seated and served as quickly as possible.
  18. Hangman Classic Challenge your friends or random strangers to try and figure out the word that is being spelled out with dashes before all the body parts are filled out on the hangman.
  19. Sudoku- Enjoy a stream of what seems like an unlimited amount of puzzles for one of your favorite games of numbers
  20. Modern War- Build up your military following and eliminate any threat to become top dog in this military strategy styled app.

There are a lot of games that are available for download to your iPhone or iPad. Some are more classic style arcade games while others are more of a game that is used just to pass the time. There are also several games that are comparable to the games that you receive for your current gaming console. The real deciding factor on what makes a quality download is the individual and their interests.

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